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The home to Jeddah’s free-lancers, start-up entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals on the go. Offering simple design, various communal work spaces and presentation equipment, Nawa makes working easy.

And don't forget to turn to your neighbour and say hello – the best perk of being at Nawa is the organic networking that takes place every day!

Fintech Saudi

Fintech Saudi is a catalyst for the development of the financial services technology (fintech) industry in Saudi Arabia. Fintech Saudi aims to transform the Kingdom into an innovative fintech hub with a thriving ecosystem driven by local and international stakeholders.

Fintech Saudi aims to achieve this by bringing together public and private organizations to foster a culture of innovation, building a broad understanding about fintech and supporting the growth of fintech entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Smart Office

BE SMART TO MASTER YOUR BUSINESS! Smart Office is designed and formed by entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. It is built to create a productive environment where freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs work for making a life rather than making a living. It is a community, inspiration, and a great place to work, meet, learn, and connect. Smart Office is a based Saudi co-working space company that is aiming to achieve Saudi Arabia’s vision of 2030 by proofing the concept of Sharing Economy. Smart Office is not only a co-working space, it is a business hub where powered by a Saudi Arabian based Incubator/Accelerator “Startups House”. Smart Office provides furnished private shared offices, virtual offices, shared co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and photography room that is built and equipped with quality services and high-tech tools. With Smart Office your goals are never dream.


At Vibes, we don't just work; we live the experience. Building on Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, Vibes was born with a mission to change people's perception about "The Workspace". Today the entrepreneur success equation is more about learning, connecting, and collaborating. Entrepreneurs are thirsty for a creative atmosphere, a productive environment and more than just a desk.

Allure Hub

Allure Hub is the office modern concept, innovated professional environment of offices in several types so you can choose the proper one that satisfies your requirements, while enjoying provided services in practical elegant atmosphere. Your own office welcomes you with its luxury design in a shared area and meeting rooms that are equipped with business needs.

Injaz Saudi Arabia

Injaz Saudi Arabia is a member of Junior Achievements Worldwide, the largest non-profit organisation specifically designed to focus on young people in school and their first year at university. Private sector volunteers provide hands-on programmes on the realities of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and workforce readiness.

The Centennial Fund

The Centennial Fund is considered an institutional work pursuant of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom ambitions and aspiration to support the youth to start their small and medium-sized projects ,and to be the supporting front for entrepreneurs and pioneers amidst the new economic trends that encourages business initiatives of small investors .p>

The idea for creating the Centennial Fund first emerged at a time when there was scarceness of programs supporting youth project to decrease the unemployment and develop the local economy . And since then , a specialized committee started studying the idea through looking into projects supporting the youth in other countries . The Youth Business International ( YBI), a program based in the united kingdom that has proved successful after its application in almost 40 countries , was chosen by the committee .

Export Credit Insurance and Guarantee Services

Export Credit Insurance and Guarantee Services are intended to support Saudi exporters by reducing their risk of not getting paid for their exports whether such default is due to commercial or political risk

Further, the service gives additional security to commercial banks and reduces their risk when financing exports by assigning policyholder's rights to a commercial bank. Banks, also, can benefit from the L/C confirmation guarantees that can help expand their limits on qualified foreign banks

Entrepreneurship Association

The entrepreneurship society is considered the first professional scientific society in the Arab world. The society seeks to enhance the entrepreneurial culture in the society and promote systematic scientific awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship in the progress of advanced societies. The society will enhance communication between universities, academic field and the large community.
Through its periodic activities of symposiums, seminars, academic magazines, periodicals and brochures, the society will effectively contribute towards entrepreneurship

Torathuna Social Responsibility Company

تراثنا تدعم رواد الأعمال من خلال المراحل العديدة التي تمر بها مشاريعهم، ويستمر رواد الأعمال في تلقي الدعم والتدريب والاستشارة حتى تنهض مشاريعهم وتقف على قدميها وذلك لضمان نجاحها