Riyaadi Initiative

تتيح مبادرة ريادي الفرصة لتواصل أصحاب الأفكار الإبداعية من رواد الأعمال مع المجتمع، من خلال عرض أفكارهم في إطار بيئي، تنافسي وجذاب يخضعون من خلاله لعمليات تقييم متتالية من قبل خبراء محكّمين وفق معايير علمية محددة، تحدد المشاريع المتميزة لترشيحها للمراحل التنافسية الأعلى 

MiSK Foundation

MiSK focuses on the country’s youth and provides different means of fostering talent, creative potential, and innovation in a healthy environment that paves the way toward opportunities in the arts and sciences. 

The Foundation is invested in educating the youth in three wide fields; Education, Media & Culture. These pillars of knowledge will support and advance our country’s future. Enabling the Saudi people to learn is a means to develop and drive advances across the business, technological, literary, cultural, and social aspects of our nation.

MiSK Foundation, established by HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman, pursues these goals by both establishing programs and partnering with local and global organizations in diverse fields. Through a variety of incubators, the Foundation is helping to develop intellectual capital and unlock the potential of all Saudi people.