Entrepreneurship Institute

The Entrepreneurship Institute at King Saud University aims to build a knowledge-based community through hands-on learning, entrepreneurship awareness, supporting small enterprises, and encouraging scientific research and innovation. This is done by proving an positive environment for entrepreneurs to work on innovative ideas at KSU incubator. The institute also provides support for innovators by helping them turn innovative idea into a working prototype and assisting them by connecting them to potential investors. The Entrepreneurship Institution welcome all innovation, talents, and thriving entrepreneurs whether from inside and outside the university to help them be exposed them to potential organizations and investors in the region.

Thakaa Center

Thakaa Center is a state-of-the-art facility that aims to contribute to one of the Kingdom’s goals of supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs in order to increase their contribution to GDP. We achieve such objective through unlocking the potential of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to support entrepreneurs build cutting edge prototypes and SMEs become more data-driven. Thakaa Center is managed and operated by Mozn

Innovative Center for Industry 4.0

Innovative Center provides several services to improve production capabilities for small and med manufactures; and to work in collaboration with them to build supplier chains that support big companies and other government sectors. In addition, Innovative Centers works to build a qualified team that allocated to provide predefined services for small and med companies to improve their capabilities. This team visits those companies and analyze and evaluate their procedures and process to improve them.

Research Prodcuts Development Compnay

RPDC provides end-to-end support for commercialization of R&D that leads to the creation of successful domestic technology-driven companies and supports Vision 2030 goals of expanded innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic impact for SMEs.

IKEA Forward

IKEA Forward is the first corporate startup accelerator in MENA. The program will incubate startups through a 4-month program, those startups will get a unique chance to work closely together with IKEA and to accelerate their startup. The program will end with a Demo Day where the startups showcase their startup and progress to IKEA, press, and external investors. 

Innovation Energy Incubator

The first Innovation Energy Incubator in Saudi Arabia. An initative by the Saudi Electricy Company.

Namaa Al Munawara

Namaa Al Munawara was established as a non-profit organization for providing the required support to small and medium enterprises. It provides several initiatives for supporting the sector Madinah. 

MiSK Foundation

MiSK focuses on the country’s youth and provides different means of fostering talent, creative potential, and innovation in a healthy environment that paves the way toward opportunities in the arts and sciences. 

The Foundation is invested in educating the youth in three wide fields; Education, Media & Culture. These pillars of knowledge will support and advance our country’s future. Enabling the Saudi people to learn is a means to develop and drive advances across the business, technological, literary, cultural, and social aspects of our nation.

MiSK Foundation, established by HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman, pursues these goals by both establishing programs and partnering with local and global organizations in diverse fields. Through a variety of incubators, the Foundation is helping to develop intellectual capital and unlock the potential of all Saudi people.