SABB TAQADAM is a mentorship-driven, hands-on multi-university startup accelerator developed and managed by the KAUST Entrepreneurship Center in collaboration with SABB. The programme helps potential university-based entrepreneurs turn projects into prototypes and ideas into businesses.

The programme will help entrepreneurs validate the product/service idea, develop a working prototype or model, engage with potential customers, and pitch to judges and investors. We accelerate startups by providing the chance to receive initial funding, access to additional capital, and an unmatched team of local and international mentors and advisors

Entrepreneurship at KAUST

We offer training and mentorship to entrepreneurs both on and off campus, from scientists and students looking to spin out their inventions into new companies, to Saudi business owners interested in adopting an entrepreneurial approach to business growth.

Starting a business requires more than just good ideas. It takes careful planning and foresight, market knowledge, funding and ongoing support. KAUST helps entrepreneurs at all stages of the process, from ideation to launch to funding and beyond. We also help inventors protect and commercialize their inventions. KAUST is particularly interested in supporting new ventures that are aligned with the university’s research activities and that will have local or regional impacts and create jobs.

Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority

Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority is working on reviewing regulations, removing barriers and facilitating access to finance. Moreover, helping young people and innovators in marketing their ideas and products. At the same time, we will seek to establish more business incubators, training institutions and specialized venture capital funds to help entrepreneurs develop their skills and innovations. We will also help small national enterprises to export their products and services and marketing through e-marketing support and coordination with relevant international bodies.

Deem Al-Manahil

Deem Al-Manahil Fund is a private non-profit fund established upon an initiative by Al-Manahil Company aiming at helping the Saudi woman to practice free work and owning small projects in Riyadh.

Riyadah Institute

معهد ريادة الأعمال الوطني - ريادة - رؤيتنا: أن نكون النموذج الوطني لريادة الأعمال وتنمية المنشات الصغيرة والمتوسطة الأميز محلياً و إقليميا - المعهد غير ربحي  

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