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Entrepreneurship Institute

The Entrepreneurship Institute at King Saud University aims to build a knowledge-based community through hands-on learning, entrepreneurship awareness, supporting small enterprises, and encouraging scientific research and innovation. This is done by proving an positive environment for entrepreneurs to work on innovative ideas at KSU incubator. The institute also provides support for innovators by helping them turn innovative idea into a working prototype and assisting them by connecting them to potential investors. The Entrepreneurship Institution welcome all innovation, talents, and thriving entrepreneurs whether from inside and outside the university to help them be exposed them to potential organizations and investors in the region.


First women's platform to support business and aims to empower startups

White Space

Provides fully serviced office space solutions are highly adaptable and equipped with carefully thought through facilities in a comfortable and professional environment.

In addition to this, WS organizes a monthly Business Mixer event brings great business minds together in an informal 30 minutes networking session to spread collaborative innovation and build strong connections.

Startups House

Startups House (SH) is a Saudi Arabia based Incubator/Accelerator, formed by entrepreneurs. Our team intends to fill a gap in the national entrepreneurship ecosystem by enabling entrepreneurs to respond to the societal demands of the 21th century. We have taken up the challenge on laying pillars for the National Transformation Plan and the Vision 2030 to place the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a leader in innovation. We offer an integrated, one-stop solution to provide financial, marketing, management and legal support for entrepreneurs at various startup stages. Startups House (SH) collaborates not only with entrepreneurs and startups but also with investors and business, angels seeking quality deal flow. Our ultimate goal is to empower startups to grow via vertical or horizontal integration with established businesses. We offer entrepreneurs access to crucial services to ensure that their business will have all the necessary foundation to withstand the unforeseeable challenges.

​Tamakkun Accelerator

Tamakkun Accelerator is directed to young entrepreneurs who are looking to capture their dreams of launching their own business in a short period and provide them with right mentoring and support to have a successful start


مكاتب و مساحات عمل تحاكي الريادة

Nine Tenths - Startups Accelerator

The 9/10ths Startup Accelerator offers a full-fledged startup support program that helps entrepreneurs launch their ideas through:

  • Mentoring & hands-on support. 
  • Providing a co-working space.
  • Building an initial prototype, and in some cases the actual product.
  • Gaining access to the investment ecosystem.
  • Preparing entrepreneurs for the reality of the market; increasing their rate of success as a whole

Fintech Accelerator

مسرعة التقنية المالية (فينتك) هي برنامج دعم مقدم من الهيئة العامة للمنشآت الصغيرة والمتوسطة "منشآت" بالشراكة مع البنك الأهلي التجاري (ضمن برامج أهالينا) مختص في قطاع التقنية المالية. تقدم المسرعة برامجًا مكثفة لتسريع نمو وتوسع الشركات الريادية والناشئة في مجال التقنية المالية من خلال برنامج متكامل يبدأ من مخيم توليد الأفكار، ثم الانتقال للمعسكر التدريبي وصولاً إلى برنامج مسرعة الأعمال و بتوفير حزمة من الخدمات والموارد. يمكنكم التقديم على مخيم توليد الأفكار، وتشكيل فريق وبناء الفكرة وعرضها على لجنة التحكيم -والتي تضم خبراء في التقنية المالية- لتكون مرشحاً للانضمام لبرنامج مسرعة التقنية المالية (فينتك) الأولى في المملكة

Smart Office

BE SMART TO MASTER YOUR BUSINESS! Smart Office is designed and formed by entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. It is built to create a productive environment where freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs work for making a life rather than making a living. It is a community, inspiration, and a great place to work, meet, learn, and connect. Smart Office is a based Saudi co-working space company that is aiming to achieve Saudi Arabia’s vision of 2030 by proofing the concept of Sharing Economy. Smart Office is not only a co-working space, it is a business hub where powered by a Saudi Arabian based Incubator/Accelerator “Startups House”. Smart Office provides furnished private shared offices, virtual offices, shared co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and photography room that is built and equipped with quality services and high-tech tools. With Smart Office your goals are never dream.

Entrepreneurship at KAUST

We offer training and mentorship to entrepreneurs both on and off campus, from scientists and students looking to spin out their inventions into new companies, to Saudi business owners interested in adopting an entrepreneurial approach to business growth.

Starting a business requires more than just good ideas. It takes careful planning and foresight, market knowledge, funding and ongoing support. KAUST helps entrepreneurs at all stages of the process, from ideation to launch to funding and beyond. We also help inventors protect and commercialize their inventions. KAUST is particularly interested in supporting new ventures that are aligned with the university’s research activities and that will have local or regional impacts and create jobs.

Wadi Makkah

Wadi Makkah company is fully owned by Umm Al Qura University (UQU) with a capital of one hundred million riyals (SR100.000.000), established under the Royal Decree No. (M/32) dated 03/04/2012. Wadi Makkah company aims to contribute effectively in developing a knowledge-based economy in Saudi Arabia through partnership between educational and research institutions, and business communities. MTVC focuses on technology localization, development and transfer in order to serve the national economy and achieve sustainable development. Wadi Makkah company aims to provide an attractive and stimulating environment for local and international research and development centers to strengthen collaboration with the university, develop scientific activities and foster the commercialization of research and innovation. Thus, Wadi Makkah company has two main objectives:

(1) Management and commercialization of university innovation.

(2) Establishing and managing Makkah Techno Valley (MTV), a Science and Technology Park in UQU.