Startups House

Startups House (SH) is a Saudi Arabia based Incubator/Accelerator, formed by entrepreneurs. Our team intends to fill a gap in the national entrepreneurship ecosystem by enabling entrepreneurs to respond to the societal demands of the 21th century. We have taken up the challenge on laying pillars for the National Transformation Plan and the Vision 2030 to place the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a leader in innovation. We offer an integrated, one-stop solution to provide financial, marketing, management and legal support for entrepreneurs at various startup stages. Startups House (SH) collaborates not only with entrepreneurs and startups but also with investors and business, angels seeking quality deal flow. Our ultimate goal is to empower startups to grow via vertical or horizontal integration with established businesses. We offer entrepreneurs access to crucial services to ensure that their business will have all the necessary foundation to withstand the unforeseeable challenges.