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Entrepreneurship Institute

The Entrepreneurship Institute at King Saud University aims to build a knowledge-based community through hands-on learning, entrepreneurship awareness, supporting small enterprises, and encouraging scientific research and innovation. This is done by proving an positive environment for entrepreneurs to work on innovative ideas at KSU incubator. The institute also provides support for innovators by helping them turn innovative idea into a working prototype and assisting them by connecting them to potential investors. The Entrepreneurship Institution welcome all innovation, talents, and thriving entrepreneurs whether from inside and outside the university to help them be exposed them to potential organizations and investors in the region.

Sharik Hub

مساحة عمل إبداعية تأمّن أفضل المواقع، المرافق، التقنية والطاقم البشري لتقدّم الخدمات المكتبية والاستشارية للمشاريع الناشئة وتصنع البرامج المعرفية النوعيّة في بيئةٍ عصرية؛ تمكّن وتطوّر روّاد الأعمال لتحقيق التفرّد والاستدامة.

Eijad Business Incubator

Eijad Business Incubator provides:
Business support in Marketing, Business Development and other fields.
Affordable offices paces
Meeting Rooms 
Coffee Shop

There are three membership tiers:
Shared Office Access
Daily Access Card
Privileged Access 

Saudi Aramco - Entrepreneurship

Wa’ed established its own business incubator, StartUp Lab, to provide incubation support for early-stage businesses. StartUp Lab is a space designed to house startup companies and provide them with a range of services such as training and mentorship in addition to office space and amenities.

Wa’ed offers workshops in several disciplines designed to provide the know-how and necessary skill-set sought out by early stage startups, entrepreneurs, and those with potential ideas. These workshops include Business Plan formulation, Pitching, Ideation, and Business Model Canvas.

Funding offerings include debt funding in the form of non-collateral loans, venture capital funding offering minority equity partnerships, and non-repayable micro-funding “Seed Fund” for incubated startups. Whether you’re an established business owner seeking to expand or an aspiring entrepreneur seeking to grow, at Wa’ed you’ll find a funding program catered to your business 

Thakaa Center

Thakaa Center is a state-of-the-art facility that aims to contribute to one of the Kingdom’s goals of supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs in order to increase their contribution to GDP. We achieve such objective through unlocking the potential of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to support entrepreneurs build cutting edge prototypes and SMEs become more data-driven. Thakaa Center is managed and operated by Mozn

Al-Ahsa Business Incubator

حاضنة أعمال الأحساء هي منصة دعم مقدمة من غرفة الأحساء وهي من ضمن مبادراتها الدائمة والتي تخدم المنطقة، فهي موجهة لشباب وشابات الأعمال بالأحساء لتأهيلهم وتمكينهم من تحويل أفكارهم الريادية والمبتكرة إلى مشاريع قائمة وواعدة بإذن الله.

Jovia for Co-working spaces

Jovia is the first coworking platform in a modern and attractive environment located in Alkhobar. We in Jovia have faith in young people who are the icon of success, growth, and bright future. Thus we provide our services for the most demanding sector “Small and Medium Enterprises”. We created our space to entrepreneurs and freelancers to bring happiness and joy to their daily basis work. We offer to our clients and members a space to expand their influence and overcome the struggle of expanding their names, businesses, and network by having their own dedicate or private offices, printing facility, fully-equipped kitchen, gaming room, and relaxing area.

Industrial Development Center - Jubail

يقوم مركز التنمية الصناعية بالجبيل بدعم المشروعات الصغيرة للشباب السعوديين التي تقوم على أفكار جديدة قابلة للتطبيق في السوق، كذلك يقوم على التنمية الناجحة للفكرة وعوائد الخدمات أو المنتجات التي تلبي حاجة السوق. إن عملية تأسيس مشروع تجاري جديد يقوم على فكرة إنتاجية أو خدمية جديدة هي مهمة صعبة ، وهنا يأتي دور المركز في مساعدة أصحاب المشاريع من الشباب السعوديين من اجل ضمان تحقيق أقصى قدر من فرص النجاح لهم في المشروع والسوق. معظم مراكز التنمية الصناعية الناجحة في مختلف أنحاء العالم تحقق النجاح للمشاريع المحتضنة بها بنسبة 80 ٪ ، واغلب المحتضنين يصبح قادر على الخروج للسوق خلال (3) سنوات على الغالب 

Prince Sultan Fund for Women Development

Small and medium sized enterprises are one of the key sectors in building the national economy, and this is what the Business Support and Funding Center is working on by providing a platform for launching women’s ideas and translating it into reality by starting their own business or developing existing ones, in a way that aims on creating valid job opportunities to ensure their integration in the society and their transformation into productive members