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A menu of of different entities that provide support and services to entrepreneurs, including incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces 



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Entrepreneurship Institute

The Entrepreneurship Institute at King Saud University aims to build a knowledge-based community through hands-on learning, entrepreneurship awareness, supporting small enterprises, and encouraging scientific research and innovation. This is done by proving an positive environment for entrepreneurs to work on innovative ideas at KSU incubator. The institute also provides support for innovators by helping them turn innovative idea into a working prototype and assisting them by connecting them to potential investors. The Entrepreneurship Institution welcome all innovation, talents, and thriving entrepreneurs whether from inside and outside the university to help them be exposed them to potential organizations and investors in the region.

White Space

Provides fully serviced office space solutions are highly adaptable and equipped with carefully thought through facilities in a comfortable and professional environment.

In addition to this, WS organizes a monthly Business Mixer event brings great business minds together in an informal 30 minutes networking session to spread collaborative innovation and build strong connections.


إبرام هو مركز ريادي للأعمال في المدينة المنورة ويعد الوجهة الأولى لأصحاب المشاريع والمبادرات.
يقدم أفضل مساحات العمل المهيأة بكافة احتياجات رواد الأعمال، والمصممة بطريقة حديثة لتكون واجهة مميزة لهم.
يعمل إبرام على تحقيق الوصول الذكي للنجاح عبر شبكات من العلاقات في كل الجهات واستمر في تحقيق النجاح للأعمال والمشاريع بطريقة مستدامة تسهل الوصول للأهداف والطموحات المرجوة لأصحابها.

White Space - Madinah Branch

White Space is a Saudi based coworking space offering various office solutions tailored toward businessmen, freelancers, startups, SMEs and corporates on monthly basis. Our offerings are "all-inclusive" comprising a furnished space, high speed internet, on-the house tea and coffee, and complimentary usage of meeting rooms.

Sharik Hub

مساحة عمل إبداعية تأمّن أفضل المواقع، المرافق، التقنية والطاقم البشري لتقدّم الخدمات المكتبية والاستشارية للمشاريع الناشئة وتصنع البرامج المعرفية النوعيّة في بيئةٍ عصرية؛ تمكّن وتطوّر روّاد الأعمال لتحقيق التفرّد والاستدامة.


مكاتب و مساحات عمل تحاكي الريادة


LOFT+ is a hight-end dynamic co-working space for small startups and solo professionals to nurture and grow their businesses.

4 Miles

أربع أميال هي مساحة عمل مشتركة تستطيع فيها إستئجار مكتبك الخاص, صممنا مكاتبنا بطريقة مكاتب السيليكون فالي بمدينة سان فرانسيكو الشهيرة. اخترنا العاصمة الرياض لتعيش التجربة الكاملة وبالضيافة العربية الأصيلة. معنا سوف يتاح لك التعرف على أشخاص يشاركونك نفس الإهتمامات والشغف لتوسيع علاقاتك لتحقيق التطوير المستمر. هي فقط أميال من بيتك لمكاتب أربع أميال لنساعدك برحلة الألف ميل!


We have created modern co-working spaces to provide the environment needed to succeed. The environment promotes independence, privacy, and the opportunity to communicate with others in various formats all under one roof. We have small and medium size rooms, a large hall, and a green outdoor space, which are available for conducting coaching sessions, meetings, workshops, and events


Spurring creativity and innovation requires a broad approach to the different elements that impacts how we can create and innovate. We focus on four interconnected dimensions that are essential for the creative process. 

We have designed a user-centric experience that gives our guests, regardless of their background or type of work, the choice and control of where and how they want to work.

Business Valley

Business Valley is a place where freelancers, remote workers, small business owners, and other independent professionals can work together in a shared, common room-like setting that is membership based. This means that people who come from all different industries can rent a desk. The work environment is shared, but everyone is working independently. This type of environment also allows for coworkers to share ideas and network with each other. Business Valley is a solution to being isolated while working. This is perfect for freelancers and others who work from home.