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A menu of of different entities that provide support and services to entrepreneurs, including incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces 



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Hail Toursim Incubator

Rakeezah have brought together stakeholders from the government and the private sector to establish a tourism incubator with our partner Squad partners. 

Business Valley

Business Valley is a place where freelancers, remote workers, small business owners, and other independent professionals can work together in a shared, common room-like setting that is membership based. This means that people who come from all different industries can rent a desk. The work environment is shared, but everyone is working independently. This type of environment also allows for coworkers to share ideas and network with each other. Business Valley is a solution to being isolated while working. This is perfect for freelancers and others who work from home.

Fintech Accelerator

مسرعة التقنية المالية (فينتك) هي برنامج دعم مقدم من الهيئة العامة للمنشآت الصغيرة والمتوسطة "منشآت" بالشراكة مع البنك الأهلي التجاري (ضمن برامج أهالينا) مختص في قطاع التقنية المالية. تقدم المسرعة برامجًا مكثفة لتسريع نمو وتوسع الشركات الريادية والناشئة في مجال التقنية المالية من خلال برنامج متكامل يبدأ من مخيم توليد الأفكار، ثم الانتقال للمعسكر التدريبي وصولاً إلى برنامج مسرعة الأعمال و بتوفير حزمة من الخدمات والموارد. يمكنكم التقديم على مخيم توليد الأفكار، وتشكيل فريق وبناء الفكرة وعرضها على لجنة التحكيم -والتي تضم خبراء في التقنية المالية- لتكون مرشحاً للانضمام لبرنامج مسرعة التقنية المالية (فينتك) الأولى في المملكة

Industrial Enterprises Accelerator

سيتم دعم المشاريع المقبولة في مسرعة المنشآت الصناعية بالعديد من الخدمات الاستشارية والبرامج المكثفة من أجل نجاحها في المراحل الأولى من التأسيس، إذ تشمل تلك الخدمات التدريب وورش العمل التي تدعم تطوير المشروع، مكاتب للعمل، الإرشاد الاستراتيجي، الاستشارات القانونية والمحاسبية والتمويلية والتسويقية والهندسية، إضافة إلى المساعدة والدعم في بناء نموذج العمل، التوجيه في بناء النموذج الاولي للمنتج – إذا لزم الأمر، تخصيص مستشار لمتابعة تطورات المشروع وتحقيق الأهداف، التوجيه في اختيار فريق التطوير التقني المناسب، والتوجيه في استخدام الأدوات المناسبة لتطوير المشروع.


We hear about new businesses every day, and we know that you might start your own; therefore, we established Beehive, the perfect monthly or daily rental workplace!

Smart Office

BE SMART TO MASTER YOUR BUSINESS! Smart Office is designed and formed by entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. It is built to create a productive environment where freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs work for making a life rather than making a living. It is a community, inspiration, and a great place to work, meet, learn, and connect. Smart Office is a based Saudi co-working space company that is aiming to achieve Saudi Arabia’s vision of 2030 by proofing the concept of Sharing Economy. Smart Office is not only a co-working space, it is a business hub where powered by a Saudi Arabian based Incubator/Accelerator “Startups House”. Smart Office provides furnished private shared offices, virtual offices, shared co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and photography room that is built and equipped with quality services and high-tech tools. With Smart Office your goals are never dream.

Riyaadi Initiative

تتيح مبادرة ريادي الفرصة لتواصل أصحاب الأفكار الإبداعية من رواد الأعمال مع المجتمع، من خلال عرض أفكارهم في إطار بيئي، تنافسي وجذاب يخضعون من خلاله لعمليات تقييم متتالية من قبل خبراء محكّمين وفق معايير علمية محددة، تحدد المشاريع المتميزة لترشيحها للمراحل التنافسية الأعلى 

Entrepreneurship at KAUST

We offer training and mentorship to entrepreneurs both on and off campus, from scientists and students looking to spin out their inventions into new companies, to Saudi business owners interested in adopting an entrepreneurial approach to business growth.

Starting a business requires more than just good ideas. It takes careful planning and foresight, market knowledge, funding and ongoing support. KAUST helps entrepreneurs at all stages of the process, from ideation to launch to funding and beyond. We also help inventors protect and commercialize their inventions. KAUST is particularly interested in supporting new ventures that are aligned with the university’s research activities and that will have local or regional impacts and create jobs.

Abde3 - A Center for Business and Technology Incubators

Abde3 is a Center for Business and Technology Incubators, Follow the the Royal Commission in Yanbu. The  center was created by the Royal Commission in Yanbu to encourage and support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into successful projects in the market

Badir Program for Technology Incubators

The BADIR program for technology incubation focuses on supporting technology based business opportunities and the development of technology entrepreneurship.

KACST launched the BADIR program in 2008 with the establishment of its first incubator, BADIR-ICT (information and communications technologies). This was followed in 2010 by the establishment of BADIR-BIO (bio-technologies) and BADIR-AMI (advanced manufacturing and materials technologies).

Two further BADIR incubators covering NANO-technology and energy sectors are in the feasibility and concept development stage.

BADIR is also provided feasibility studies and development support to 11 proposed incubators within universities and other institutions around the Kingdom through the leadership role in the Saudi Arabian incubation industry by initiating the establishment of a national network.