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Entrepreneurship at KAUST

We offer training and mentorship to entrepreneurs both on and off campus, from scientists and students looking to spin out their inventions into new companies, to Saudi business owners interested in adopting an entrepreneurial approach to business growth.

Starting a business requires more than just good ideas. It takes careful planning and foresight, market knowledge, funding and ongoing support. KAUST helps entrepreneurs at all stages of the process, from ideation to launch to funding and beyond. We also help inventors protect and commercialize their inventions. KAUST is particularly interested in supporting new ventures that are aligned with the university’s research activities and that will have local or regional impacts and create jobs.

Business Hub

Coworking spaces located in Almadinh Almunwara that provides a spectrum of services including: Executive Meeting Rooms, Training Halls and Dedicated offices 

Wadi Makkah

Wadi Makkah company is fully owned by Umm Al Qura University (UQU) with a capital of one hundred million riyals (SR100.000.000), established under the Royal Decree No. (M/32) dated 03/04/2012. Wadi Makkah company aims to contribute effectively in developing a knowledge-based economy in Saudi Arabia through partnership between educational and research institutions, and business communities. MTVC focuses on technology localization, development and transfer in order to serve the national economy and achieve sustainable development. Wadi Makkah company aims to provide an attractive and stimulating environment for local and international research and development centers to strengthen collaboration with the university, develop scientific activities and foster the commercialization of research and innovation. Thus, Wadi Makkah company has two main objectives:

(1) Management and commercialization of university innovation.

(2) Establishing and managing Makkah Techno Valley (MTV), a Science and Technology Park in UQU.

Thakaa Center

Thakaa Center is a state-of-the-art facility that aims to contribute to one of the Kingdom’s goals of supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs in order to increase their contribution to GDP. We achieve such objective through unlocking the potential of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to support entrepreneurs build cutting edge prototypes and SMEs become more data-driven. Thakaa Center is managed and operated by Mozn

Innovative Center for Industry 4.0

Innovative Center provides several services to improve production capabilities for small and med manufactures; and to work in collaboration with them to build supplier chains that support big companies and other government sectors. In addition, Innovative Centers works to build a qualified team that allocated to provide predefined services for small and med companies to improve their capabilities. This team visits those companies and analyze and evaluate their procedures and process to improve them.

IKEA Forward

IKEA Forward is the first corporate startup accelerator in MENA. The program will incubate startups through a 4-month program, those startups will get a unique chance to work closely together with IKEA and to accelerate their startup. The program will end with a Demo Day where the startups showcase their startup and progress to IKEA, press, and external investors. 

Entrepreneurship at the Islamic University of Madniah

تقدمت الجامعة الإسلامية بمبادرة لدعم اريادة الأعمال ضمن برنامج التحول الوطني 2020 لوزارة التعليم، حيث تهدف هذه المبادرة إلى تحسين البيئة التعليمية كهدف استراتيجي، 

ويندرج تحتها ثلاثة أهداف فرعية :
نشر ثقافة الإبداع والابتكار بين الطلاب .
إقامة دورات وورش عمل متخصصة في ريادة الاعمال .
دعم الافكار المتميزة وتحويلها إلى منتج يمكن تسويقه .

Riyadah Institute - Almadinah Branch

 ناشئ: مسار يستهدف المشاريع الصغيرة والناشئة بسقف تمويل لايتجاوز 300 ألف ريال سعودين

خريجين: برنامج يستهدف عدد من الأنشطة للمختصين فيها من حملة الشهادة الجامعية و الدبلوم في المجال بسقف تمويل لا يتعدى 500 الف ريال سعودي

التوطين: انطلاقاً من الرؤية في تمكين أدوات التنمية الاجتماعية وتعزيز الاستقلال المالي للأفراد والاسر نحو مجتمع حيوي ومُنتج وتحقيقاً لأهدافه فقد تم تصميم هذا المنتج الذي يقدم حزمة من الخدمات المالية والغير مالية
لتمكين المواطنين من دخول سوق العمل والمساهمة في توطين بعض الأنشطة التجارية

برنامج عربات البيع المتنقلة: قام بنك التنمية الإجتماعية بالشراكة مع معهد ريادة الأعمال الوطني بتصميم هذا المسار تماشياً مع قرار السماح بالترخيص للعربات المتنقلة لكي يتمكن المواطنون من ممارسة العمل الحر من خلالها

برنامج توطين المراكز التجارية:حرصًا على تمكين طالبي العمل من السعوديين والسعوديات من الاستفادة من قرار توطين العمل في المراكز التجارية المغلقة - المولات , تم تصميم هذا المسار بالتعاون مع بنك التنمية الاجتماعية. 

Innovation Energy Incubator

The first Innovation Energy Incubator in Saudi Arabia. An initative by the Saudi Electricy Company.


AstroLabs Riyadh is a fully stocked office with fast wifi and free printing, supplies, coffee, and snacks to fuel your team. The space is built for entrepreneurs with open plan, bookable meeting rooms, casual cafe, training/events venue, a heads-down “coding cave,” device lab to test your apps, and even a shower so that you can practically live here.