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Riyadah Institute - Almadinah Branch

 ناشئ: مسار يستهدف المشاريع الصغيرة والناشئة بسقف تمويل لايتجاوز 300 ألف ريال سعودين

خريجين: برنامج يستهدف عدد من الأنشطة للمختصين فيها من حملة الشهادة الجامعية و الدبلوم في المجال بسقف تمويل لا يتعدى 500 الف ريال سعودي

التوطين: انطلاقاً من الرؤية في تمكين أدوات التنمية الاجتماعية وتعزيز الاستقلال المالي للأفراد والاسر نحو مجتمع حيوي ومُنتج وتحقيقاً لأهدافه فقد تم تصميم هذا المنتج الذي يقدم حزمة من الخدمات المالية والغير مالية
لتمكين المواطنين من دخول سوق العمل والمساهمة في توطين بعض الأنشطة التجارية

برنامج عربات البيع المتنقلة: قام بنك التنمية الإجتماعية بالشراكة مع معهد ريادة الأعمال الوطني بتصميم هذا المسار تماشياً مع قرار السماح بالترخيص للعربات المتنقلة لكي يتمكن المواطنون من ممارسة العمل الحر من خلالها

برنامج توطين المراكز التجارية:حرصًا على تمكين طالبي العمل من السعوديين والسعوديات من الاستفادة من قرار توطين العمل في المراكز التجارية المغلقة - المولات , تم تصميم هذا المسار بالتعاون مع بنك التنمية الاجتماعية. 

Al-Ahsa Business Incubator

حاضنة أعمال الأحساء هي منصة دعم مقدمة من غرفة الأحساء وهي من ضمن مبادراتها الدائمة والتي تخدم المنطقة، فهي موجهة لشباب وشابات الأعمال بالأحساء لتأهيلهم وتمكينهم من تحويل أفكارهم الريادية والمبتكرة إلى مشاريع قائمة وواعدة بإذن الله.

Innovation Energy Incubator

The first Innovation Energy Incubator in Saudi Arabia. An initative by the Saudi Electricy Company.


AstroLabs Riyadh is a fully stocked office with fast wifi and free printing, supplies, coffee, and snacks to fuel your team. The space is built for entrepreneurs with open plan, bookable meeting rooms, casual cafe, training/events venue, a heads-down “coding cave,” device lab to test your apps, and even a shower so that you can practically live here.

المكان - مساحات عمل مشتركة

An entrepreneurial hub serving startup needs: Offices • Mentorship • Networking • Workshops

Jovia for Co-working spaces

Jovia is the first coworking platform in a modern and attractive environment located in Alkhobar. We in Jovia have faith in young people who are the icon of success, growth, and bright future. Thus we provide our services for the most demanding sector “Small and Medium Enterprises”. We created our space to entrepreneurs and freelancers to bring happiness and joy to their daily basis work. We offer to our clients and members a space to expand their influence and overcome the struggle of expanding their names, businesses, and network by having their own dedicate or private offices, printing facility, fully-equipped kitchen, gaming room, and relaxing area.

Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones

The Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming (SAFCSP) is a national institution under the umbrella of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, which seeks to build national and professional capabilities in the fields of cyber security and programming in line with the established and internationally recognized practices and standards, to expedite the ascent of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the ranks of developed countries in the domain of technology innovation


PLEXUS offers an energetic, collaborative and vibrant atmosphere in our office! Our shared area consists of 18 modern oakwood desks, separated by desktop partitions for extra privacy. Our co-working space is perfect for entrepreneurs, creatives and anyone else who want a desk, whether for a couple of hours a day, or full-time PLEXUS is located in one of the most prestigious commercial addresses in the Kingdom: Emaar Square. Here you will find us in a modern and spacious building, brimming with entrepreneurial spirit. We offer a number of different office solutions and services, tailored to your needs.

Mktaby Serviced Offices

The right office solution for your business Are you a freelancer, startup, SME, or even a corporation looking for an office space to run or expand your business? Mktaby serviced offices is the solution for you. Mktaby offers all what a business needs to start in a simple and economical way. On one of the main roads in Jeddah, in a building shared with top companies, Mktaby offers serviced offices to help you grow your business. Book your office now by clicking on the button below, or visit us What makes Mktaby different? - Private office space - Prestige location in Jeddah - Economical & affordable prices - Flexible payment methods - Includes many services - Short & Long term contracts


The home to Jeddah’s free-lancers, start-up entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals on the go. Offering simple design, various communal work spaces and presentation equipment, Nawa makes working easy.

And don't forget to turn to your neighbour and say hello – the best perk of being at Nawa is the organic networking that takes place every day!