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A menu of of different entities that provide support and services to entrepreneurs, including incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces 



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Namaa Al Munawara

Namaa Al Munawara was established as a non-profit organization for providing the required support to small and medium enterprises. It provides several initiatives for supporting the sector Madinah. 

Entertainment Business Accelerator

هي مسرعة أعمال مختصة في مجال الترفيه، وذلك لتنمية المنشآت الصغيرة والمتوسطة؛ من خلال الممارسة المباشرة مع شركاء محليين وعالميين، لهم خبرة متخصصة في هذا المجال. توفر المسرعة للمشاركين فيها إمكانية لعرض منتجاتهم أو خدماتهم للمستثمرين مباشرة خلال فترة البرنامج

I-be Hub

نموذج عمل جديد يدمج بين حاضنات ومسرعات الأعمال والمساحات المكتبية المشتركة، نمسك بيد أصحاب الأفكار والمواهب ونرسم معهم طريق نجاح مشاريعهم الريادية نبني معهم مجتمع ريادي فعال يربطهم بالفرص المتميزة.
شعارنا هو "إطلاق شركة ناجحة كل يوم"


We have created modern co-working spaces to provide the environment needed to succeed. The environment promotes independence, privacy, and the opportunity to communicate with others in various formats all under one roof. We have small and medium size rooms, a large hall, and a green outdoor space, which are available for conducting coaching sessions, meetings, workshops, and events

The International License for Entrepreneurship

The International License for Entrepreneurship (ILFEN) is a professional certificate to be awarded to those candidates who pass the required test. The knowledge acquired will prepare any ILFEN graduate with the intellectual capability to begin a small entrepreneurial project


حاضنة ومسرعة الأعمال الناشئة بجامعة جازان أحد مبادرات الجامعة ممثلة بمركز الابتكار وريادة الأعمال والتي تأتي ضمن مبادرات برنامج التحول الوطني لتحقيق رؤية المملكة العربية السعودية 2030 والتي تهدف إلى احتضان المشاريع الريادية الأكثر تميزًا من خلال منحهم مقرًا ومساحات عمل وإمكانية الوصول إلى المرشدين في مختلف المجالات الإدارية والمالية والقانونية 


A non-profit organization that focuses on finding sustainable and innovative business solutions to societal problems by enabling social entrepreneurs, and collaborating with governmental and private institution

Nine Tenths - Startups Accelerator

The 9/10ths Startup Accelerator offers a full-fledged startup support program that helps entrepreneurs launch their ideas through:

  • Mentoring & hands-on support. 
  • Providing a co-working space.
  • Building an initial prototype, and in some cases the actual product.
  • Gaining access to the investment ecosystem.
  • Preparing entrepreneurs for the reality of the market; increasing their rate of success as a whole

Falak Acceleration Program

Saudi Arabia’s first angel-backed acceleration program is here to make history in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Kingdom. Falak will invest up to 500,000 SR in up to 10 different startups within a 3 month duration to enable, develop, and grow startups for Series A/B funding.


Spurring creativity and innovation requires a broad approach to the different elements that impacts how we can create and innovate. We focus on four interconnected dimensions that are essential for the creative process. 

We have designed a user-centric experience that gives our guests, regardless of their background or type of work, the choice and control of where and how they want to work.