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From 1-5 employess or less than SAR 3 millions in revenue


50 t0 249 employees or SAR 40-200 millions in revenue 


6-49 employees or SAR 3-40 millions in revenue 

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Entreprises with an average growth rate of more than 5%
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Bright Up

BrightUp is the next-generation platform for learning and developing STEAM skills. It is a one-of-a-kind creativity and innovation hub & makerspace studio for all ages. Awaken your creativity with hands-on activities for both kids & adults. Start tinkering with our cutting-edge tools, including 3D printers, laser cutters, electronic soldering stations and much more. Come explore and play with our vibrant community of artists, makers, teachers, and students. All you need to do is let your imagination go free!

Elixir Bunn Coffee

 لطالما حلم فريقنا بجلب تجربة القهوة المختصة و مذاقها الفريد للجميع من خلال تواجد إكسير البن في مشهد القهوة في المنطقة و دخول التحدي الكبير في تغييره للأفضل؛ من خلال نشر المفهوم وتطبيقه بجودة عالية دائما، نقوم بذلك عبر الاستناد و الإلتزام التام بمعايير هذا المفهوم اللتي وثقتها جمعيات القهوة المختصة القليلة حول العالم من خلال أسسها العلمية والبحثية.
نجد أنفسنا دائما في بحث لا ينتهي عن الأفضل من حبوب قهوة مختصة ذات درجة تصنيف عالية لجلبها للعاصمة السعودية لِتُحمص محلياً و بشكل مستقل لتعد للبيع طازجة دائماً.

Riyadh-based independent specialty coffee roastery & cafe. Est. 2014


Climbing the ladder of success since its inception, out products reflect the beauty of nature and the authenticity of Saudi hertiage, and the creation of hands specilaized in making the most luxurious organic products.


Salasa offers a turnkey solution for 
e-commerce businesses that takes away all your worries and lets you focus on marketing and sales, while it seamlessly handles, the orders your sales personnel generate.


The app connects rotating credits and saving associations members electronically, where managers add members by phone numbers or usernames.
Also, notifies you about due date for payments and gives you updated association schedule.
Finally, it gives members information such as: bank account number and rating about members which has multiple criteria like: how many associations completed and if the member is committed to transfer on time.


Medivation is an online educational platform for children to learn everything new in innovation and artificial intelligence which can inspire the next generation of inventors and innovators. The platform also sells the learning tools that teachers and students need.

Master Events

Master Events is one of the growing establisments in Saudi Arabia. We in Master Events are working to provide excellent and diverse events in the field of entertainment and tourism. We have accumulated a lot of experience within a team of young, creative, dynamic & dedicated professionals to push the Saudi entertainment to new frontiers.


Based on speed, simplicity and ultimate convenience, SmartBooking is an application that is set to provide the best online booking experience. Whether it is time for a haircut, a dentist visit or perhaps you would love to reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, SmartBooking will enable you to book your appointment and manage all your bookings in one place.

SmartBooking is a startup company that was established in 2016 with a global vision of becoming a universal hub and a world leader in making appointments and reservations for various services. SmartBooking is determined to achieve its vision with total dedication to customer service excellence.


Hommycook is an online marketplace for homemade food. Through Hommycook, people can sell and buy homemade food in many of Saudi cities


AlwanMed is a distributor of disposable medical supplies and pharmaceuticals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Since our founding in 2014, we helped international manufacturers access Saudi Arabia's largest government and private healthcare institutions

We take pride in our commitment to patient wellness and satisfying our clients' needs for quality affordable products while establishing trustworthy life-long relationships with our stakeholders