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From 1-5 employess or less than SAR 3 millions in revenue


50 t0 249 employees or SAR 40-200 millions in revenue 


6-49 employees or SAR 3-40 millions in revenue 

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Ghasaaq Speciality Coffee

Ghasaaq Speciality Coffee

Izaak Grill

ايزاك جريل ببساطة تستطيع طلب مايناسبك أو تقدم لك الأدوات لتشوي على طريقتك

Renjie Store

بأصالة الاجداد وخبرات السنين ، أتت "رنجي" كعلامة تجارية سعودية مختصة في إنتاج البهارات والتوابل المحلية، . حاملة مزيجًا يجمع بين عراقة النكهة وعالمية التجربة
ورنجي هي علامة تجارية مملوكة موثقة رسيما ً في وزارة التجارية السعودية لصالح شركة إنماسا التجارية


Nuzhah is an application where you can pick your favourite chalets, resorts and camps from home and provide a real-life browsing experience ( VR ).

The Owner’s application: it allows you to manage all your properties and manage the reservations and know the information of the people who reserved. You can also choose the availability of your property. You can choose the price and change it whenever you like to.


A Saudi company specializing in organizing exhibitions and conferences and managing events and activities with full professionalism
We always strive to offer our services at the highest standards of quality and professionalism with a creative touch, and to give added value beyond the expectations of all
We seek a company that is a prominent name in the organization and industry of events with high efficiency and professionalism in performance and a strong partner for our clients in managing their activities at the regional level.

Reve Burger

ساندويشاتمأكولات أمريكية

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