We are moving from a physical world focused on products to a digital world focused on services.

Bright Up

BrightUp is the next-generation platform for learning and developing STEAM skills. It is a one-of-a-kind creativity and innovation hub & makerspace studio for all ages. Awaken your creativity with hands-on activities for both kids & adults. Start tinkering with our cutting-edge tools, including 3D printers, laser cutters, electronic soldering stations and much more. Come explore and play with our vibrant community of artists, makers, teachers, and students. All you need to do is let your imagination go free!


Medivation is an online educational platform for children to learn everything new in innovation and artificial intelligence which can inspire the next generation of inventors and innovators. The platform also sells the learning tools that teachers and students need.


Sadeem is the world’s first multi-patented flood and traffic information system with active networks to save lives and money in realtime. We offer a novel early detection and monitoring flood system for urban areas and drainage systems. Our holistic solution consists in a combination of sensors network, mobile applications and visualization tools to face floods in a better way and mitigate its effects

Geeks Valley

A free online learning system that includes tutorials and videos on how to do electronics projects. Geeks Valley also provides all the need toolkits and products to enhance the participants' learning experience.  


Unifonic makes cloud communications more accessible, cost-efficient and simpler to implement with solutions that scale. Its most popular service is a bulk SMS platform to send millions of messages in an instant, and it also offers digital and mobile advertising, social media management, web and mobile app development. Unifonic has expertise in effectively reaching consumer audiences throughout MENA, with offices in Saudi Arabia and six other countries in the region, and clients in 20 countries.


Lomar's idea was born on 2002. Yet, was launched to the public on 2005.

The past meets the future in Lomar modern designs. Our thobes have redefined male elegance. We rephrased the vocabulary of the thobe to compliment your life style, to strengthen your ties with your heritage, and wear your thobe with pride. The thobe that satisfies your need is a Lomar thobe.