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أشياء متجر متخصص لتسهيل حياة البشر من خلال تقديم تجميعات تحافظ على وقتك


Ghallah’s mission is to enhance the farming processes with the help of technology that can save time and efforts and increase the production rate of dates.


إهداء، مقهى، وتجربة فريدة


Aquaponica identifies itself as an environmental engineering company operating in the industrials sector and the agriculture and farming machinery industry. The company’s core focus and main business activities include the design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and operation of aquaponic systems for commercial production in addition to training. The main value proposition of the Company include delivering a state-of-the-art sustainable solutions that will fill the current shortage in the locally produced food market, provide an environmentally and health alternative to current agricultural and aquacultural methods, and reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on foreign food procedures. The Company’s current operations are focused in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, however, the Company plans to expand it's operation throughout Saudi Arabia initially, then expand into the Gulf Cooperation Council (the “GCC”) region during a later stage of the business development, and finally serve the entirety of the Middle East North Africa (the “MENA”) region including Turkey.

Red Sea Farms

Red Sea Farms offers diverse products and services, including produce, technology, and consultancy.
Our lovingly-grown produce is not only sustainable, organic, and pesticide-free, but also healthier and
better tasting! Our patent-pending technology enables greenhouse and hydroponic farms to grow
more and better food with less water and energy - saving money and sustainably increasing profits. Our
team of experts provides world-class technical advice, design, and project management for saltwater
and desert agriculture.

Managed Services

Managed Services Company is a startup specializes in providing bespoke services in the field of Cyber Security. These services range from identifying threats and vulnerabilities to planning, designing and implementing the relevant technological, organizational and risk-based countermeasures. We supply vendor-independent security services through our consultants and a wide network of partnerships. It can therefore provide in-depth expertise in the most widely used security technologies on the market and select the most suitable solution for any given case.

In addition, Managed Services company is a managed service provider specializing in cyber threat intelligence, brand protection solutions, and security-management for complex systems. Our portfolio includes security assessment, real-time management and monitoring of security systems.

Managed security also has expertise in advanced technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Smart Cities. We help our customer to secure those technologies by developing the right strategies and manage their security.

Bright Up

BrightUp is the next-generation platform for learning and developing STEAM skills. It is a one-of-a-kind creativity and innovation hub & makerspace studio for all ages. Awaken your creativity with hands-on activities for both kids & adults. Start tinkering with our cutting-edge tools, including 3D printers, laser cutters, electronic soldering stations and much more. Come explore and play with our vibrant community of artists, makers, teachers, and students. All you need to do is let your imagination go free!

Eram International Trading Co

Eram international established in 2016, to deliver the best of what potential global companies offer by attracting expertise and establishing partnerships that enhance returns of investment and makes a difference in the fields of entertainment and hospitality.


نمكنك من التجول داخل العقارات والتعرف على كامل تفاصيلها بدون زيارة فعلية للعقار. تصوير معماري. مجسم رقمي ثلاثي الأبعاد. مخطط هندسي للعقار. إخراج الجولات الإفتراضية. الأنواع: عقارات للبيع, عقارات للايجار, في موقع دار.

BesTen Institute for Information Technology

  نعمل لنكون أفضل منصات الاقتصاد التشاركي والمعرفي المبتكرة، والتي سنبنيها معاً لتكون عالمياً.. المصدر الأول لـ 


SecuTronic offers state of the art security solutions from leading manufacturers in the world. Our approach is to work closely with the customer and propose a solution matching to its requirements

In today’s world where there are a lot of options available in security market and integrated systems are on demand, you can take advantage of SecuTronic’s Security & Safety Consultants. Our consultants work closely with the customers, analyze their requirement and then propose the most feasible solution for their environment


Hachid (founded in 2013) is a young high-tech spinoff of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology  KAUST 

Our key competence is reliable, robust and scalable crowd management. Our technology (patent pending) allows authorities and planners to count extremely dense crowds reliably and effortlessly. Our sensors can be used to monitor crowd flow through doors, and they can be deployed outdoors and in harsh climates 

By utilizing local processing on each sensor and wireless communication, our solution can scale to large sensor networks. Measuring exactly where needed, we can count the amount of people in controlled areas accurately and reliably 

Our founding team consists of four members, including two computer scientists, one electrical engineer and one civil engineer. Together, our team as a combined experience of 50 years in the fields of Visual Computing, Computer Vision, and Hajj Research


HalaYalla is an exciting new app to help you organize and participate in activities in your area without any of the headache you usually have to deal with. But it’s more than just an organizer. With HalaYalla, you have the opportunity to connect with people, try new things, learn new skills and most importantly to have fun in a way that you haven’t before! The idea was born and built in Saudi Arabia because we believed that there was a better way to get people together. We’ve lived, worked and most importantly had to organize activities here ourselves so we know how difficult it can be. It’s why we’ve built what we’ve built and we wouldn’t release anything into the world that we wouldn’t be proud to use ourselves! Our team consists of brilliant and passionate people whose expertise in sports event management and UX mobile design has helped us build an innovative, user-­‐friendly and just plain awesome app that we know you will love!


منصة وشبكة اجتماعية صحية ورياضية  تساعدك في بناء أسلوب حياة ممتع

برامج صحية

برامج (جُنَّة) التدريبية هي برامج صحية تعتمد على أسس علمية ثبتت فعاليتها ومصداقيتها. نقوم مع شركاءنا من جهات طبية احترافية ومتخصصة بتطوير برامج ودورات تدريبية صحية ورياضية تناسب المجتمع العربي

رﺻﺪ ﻭﻣﺘﺎﺑﻌﺔ

شاشة تفاعلية جميلة وسهلة الاستخدام تقدم لك بطاقات بيانات نشاطك الصحي والرياضي اليومي

مسابقات وتحديات

في جُنَّة ستجد جو ترفيهي رياضي يشعل الحماس بينك وبين أصدقائك وأقاربك. بناءً على بيانات الحركة اليومية التي نرصدها آلياً

دعم ومساندة
بالتعاون مع شركاءنا المتخصصين، ستجد في جُنَّة فريق خبراء صحيين معتمدين

Near Motion

Solutions for Smart Places that Welcome, Guide and Reward Us. Enhance your customers loyalty with the latest customer engagement tools. 

Whether you are a retail store, a park, a museum, or even an airlines company, our crafted solutions will allow you to interact with your customers according to their location and send them offers and promotions that can be targeted with greater precession.