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Eram International Trading Co

Eram international established in 2016, to deliver the best of what potential global companies offer by attracting expertise and establishing partnerships that enhance returns of investment and makes a difference in the fields of entertainment and hospitality.


Established in the heart of Makkah, UmrahPro is a B2B online platform that provides hospitality solution services for Umrah & Hajj sectors. Because we know how extremely frustrating it is to find high quality hotels at the lowest prices, we wanted to make things easier for you and save your time by comparing an incredible number of hotels in Makkah and delivering unbeatable deals, all with a click of a button. You can easily search, find, and book the best hotels that suit all your needs. We at UmrahPro also believe that all great properties deserve to be discovered. That’s why we make it quick & easy for hotel owners in Makkah to market their properties, reach new clients, and grow their business through UmrahPro's platform. Join hundreds of hotels and list your property today! For more information contact us anytime.

Self Station

Self Station service is to save the wasted costs in fuel filling stations located in Saudi Arabia.


أول مؤسسة وطنية لتسويق وبيع التمور والمنتجات الغذائية بذائقة عصرية عالمية بكفاءات سعودية وجودة عالية.

Print Platform

An online platform that offers printing services online, at competitive prices and high quality with express delivery.


We understand that finding suitable clients for you is not always easy, many times what is out there and available doesn't fit your needs or schedule. Homoola provides you with the perfect match for you based on your criteria, all you need to do is pick the prefered one.Choose a suitable job from a wide range of clients looking for carriers and find all details you need to know about the shipment before starting the job, from knowing the origin and destination locations of each shipment to knowing what type of goods you will be carrying, and all the additional information that the shipper will provide. When it comes to getting paid, no need to worry or hassle, Homoola will make sure that you are always paid on time and in full when you complete the shipping process.


Sakrobe’s main goal is quality and excellence in addition to customer satisfaction, whether they were housewives, business or building owners in Saudi Arabia. The app and website are considered one of the prime platforms in home maintenance services and is classified as one of the leading online service providers as it offers variety of service choices and ease of use. Our well-trained technical team is headed and supervised by the most competent Saudi engineers and specialists in the home maintenance field


akel is a meal scheduling platform for employees. It aims at easing the process of daily lunch ordering by allowing employees to schedule their lunch meals from different restaurants as desired. Therefore, preserving their time and effort.


نمكنك من التجول داخل العقارات والتعرف على كامل تفاصيلها بدون زيارة فعلية للعقار. تصوير معماري. مجسم رقمي ثلاثي الأبعاد. مخطط هندسي للعقار. إخراج الجولات الإفتراضية. الأنواع: عقارات للبيع, عقارات للايجار, في موقع دار.


Nazeel is proud to be the first choice for more than 3000 hotels inside and outside Said Arabia by providing a cloud system works (online) to mange hotels, properties, chalets, resorts, and real estates