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Khalid Walid Alkhudair

Social entrepreneur, writer, founder and CEO of (Glowork),a women empowerment organization that provides thousand jobs for women. Glowork won the best innovation award to create job opportunities globally by World Bank, United Nation and (ILO) International Labor Organization. Khadair is an Honorary Fellow for Oshka and a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum. In March 2014, Khalid was elected to become a “young Global leader” in the World Economic Forum due to his work in social enterprises

He held the role of Chief Operating Officer at (KPMG) in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan the thing that helped him gaining experiences in all aspects of strategic and successful marketing and operations .He was able to lead all the firms that he has worked with to more than 30 awards which goes with firm's overall corporate goals and strategy. Through him, Glowork has invested more than 16 million dollars to extend its current operations in different sectors

Khalid participated in a number of advisory councils all over the world such as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) advisory council, the Country Officer for Women Campaign International, Steering committee member at the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia, Steering committee member for talent mobility at the World Economic Forum, Advisory Member at Saudi Broadcasting, a judge at the Hult Prize, Employment Committee Member at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, Board Member at DAF Consulting Firm, & a mentor at the Founders Institute at Silicon Valley. In October 2015, Khalid became a judge on the MBC show Al Israr.   

5 Things That Make Almuneef A Super Entrepreneur

He is not embarrassed of his failures

Almuneef believes that people can learn from his failures therefore likes talking about them more than his successes. Very few people have such a humble view of themselves, and this is what makes Almuneef stand out

He never allows his struggles to de-motivate him

Almuneef had his fair share of struggles from not being able to gain a college degree, having to wash dishes at a restaurant, being a pizza delivery guy, to taking extra English courses to qualify for a job. But, not once did he let that stop him from giving it his all and achieving his goals

He had tried entrepreneurial endeavors more than once

Before Anoosh, Almuneef started a dot-com business that provided reviews and bookings to hotels and restaurants. Even though it was an idea that wasn’t widely spread because of limited internet access at the time, it did not stop him from thinking outside the box and bringing out new ideas to the world

He started small

To really appreciate the big stuff in life, it’s important to start small and that’s just what Almuneef did. He had little experience when it came to exporting dates with his colleagues and when that business didn’t do well, he went on to build his own private labeling of mamool and dates which kick started Anoosh

He’s constantly thinking of ways to expand

Just because he has reached immense success with Anoosh does not mean he will stop working on new concepts to expand to other types of desserts

Reference: https://destinationksa.com/5-things-make-almuneef-super-entrepreneur/

Riyad al Zamil

قصة نجاح رجال الأعمال رياض بن حمد الزامل

علاء مراد

  مؤسس المدار المباشر لتقنية المعلومات 

Founder of Fitness Time, Abdulmohsen Alhaqbani

Fitness Time is the biggest sports center network in the MENA region

EI-KFUPM Case Study on Innosoft Company - Mr. Loai Labani

Wamda: What do you advise young entrepreneurs

Labani: Generally, they need to keep improving themselves and their skills, think outside the box and conduct studies before expanding to other markets

Lateefa alwaalan

While pursuing her MBA in Washington, home to the coffee capital of the United States, Lateefa Alwaalan was inspired by the local coffee enthusiasm. She reflected on her own coffee experiences back in Saudi Arabia, and her mother’s poor tasting Arabic coffee. Lateefa tried to make it herself, but soon realized it was a complex and time-consuming process. She also noted how very few people of her generation knew how to brew it.

Lateefa used her time at business school to develop a technological solution and business plan to ease this pain point. While working at Alwallan Pharmacies, she began developing Yatooq, originally only selling Arabic coffee blends. She soon partnered with a local Sudia incubator and spent the next two years developing Yatooq’s coffee machine. She finally launched it in 2013

Yatooq provides a user-friendly solution to the traditional Arabic coffee brewing process, saving users time and effort. The portable electric brewer removes the traditional pains associated with brewing Arabic coffee, decreasing brew time by 75% and preventing the coffee from boiling over. The premeasured coffee blends combines the seven ingredients required to make Arabic coffee into one product

It is the first company to create a simple alternative to traditional Arabic coffee brewing, and as such, has built a strong distribution network. Unlike its main competitor, who outsources production and design, Yatooq leverages its strong Saudi-based engineering partner to innovate on Yatooqs patented technology and respond to market demand

Reference: https://endeavor.org/entrepreneur/lateefa-alwaalan/

Thamer Alfarshooti

ثامر هو صاحب الحلم ورائد الأعمال الأكثر إصراراً على مستوى المملكة العربية السعودية في عام 2013م إبان حصوله على اللقب المتزامن مع وسام وجائزة الإصرار التي مُنحت له من معالي وزير العمل المهندس عادل فقيه عن فئة رواد الأعمال وقد مُنح كذلك الدكتوراة الفخرية من فدرالية أصدقاء الأمم المتحدة نظير الجهود في ترويج ريادة الأعمال ونشر ثقافة العمل الحر وهو صاحب القفزات التجارية التي ابتدأ فصولها برأس مال 300 ريال سعودي نجح منه في  إنشاء مجموعة أدما التي صنفت من ضمن الأكثر إبداعًا في المملكة العربية السعودية من قبل مجلة فوربس الشرق الأوسط لعام 2014م 

Naif Al Qahtani

لم يكتفي نايف القحطاني براتب الوظيفية، وقرر أن يصبح رجل أعمال ناجح فاستقال من الشركة، لكن خلال فترة وجود نايف القحطاني في الشركة استفاد من الخبرة العملية فيها، وطور نفسه كثيرا فثابر واجتهد على تعلم اللغة الإنكليزية التي طبعا أهلته ليصبح مديرا،الجدير بالذكر أن نايف القحطاني درس إدارة الأعمال في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية.
كان الانضباط والسعي لتحقيق المراد كلمة السر فيما وصل إليه نايف القحطاني، مع أن طريقه كان مليئا بالعقبات ولم يكن مفروشا بالورود، إلا أن نايف القحطاني استطاع التغلب على أسس الفقر والانطلاق نحو الثروة


Loai Naseem

Loai Muhammad Nassem (born 1969) is a Saudi fashion designergraphic designer and business executive. He is best known for establishing "Tafaseel International Trading" Limited company (Lomar).[1]

Since inception, Lomar has become a pioneer in the traditional Saudi men’s apparel market, winning a loyal fan base and receiving multiple accolades. This includes winning Saudi Fast Growth Startup 100 List twice.[2][3]

Forbes ranked Nassem #2 on the list of Leaders Inspiring a Kingdom Saudi Arabia's Entrepreneurial Elite in 2014.[4] Endeavor ranked Nassem #1 on the List of Leaders Inspiring a Kingdom Saudi Arabia's Entrepreneurial Elite in 2012.

Jarir Bookstore, Mohammed Alagil

Muhammad Al Agil serves as the CEO of Jarir Investment and Chairman of Jarir Group, which comprises of Jarir Bookstore, Jarir Marketing, Jarir Furniture, Jarir Real Estate, Kite Arabia Ltd. and Kids Kingdom.  Mr. Al Agil conceptualized and co-started Jarir Marketing and Jarir Bookstore chains, developing them into leading wholesalers and retailers in Saudi Arabia for stationery, school supplies, office machines, computer supplies, books, arts and engineering items. Jarir Marketing Company is listed in Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) with a market capitalization of more than US $ 1.2 billion, presently.  

Since 1990 Mr. Al Agil has been focusing, through Jarir Investment which is a family office, on private investing both as a direct principal and with various known institutional partnerships. Jarir Investment have been investing worldwide in Hedge Funds, Private Equity and also guiding families second generation through family constitution, career planning and legal structuring.  

He is a Board member of various public companies and large family business groups in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, namely Tawuniya Insurance Co., MBC TV, Al Faisaliah Group etc.  Served as a member of Board of Trustees of Centennial Fund (Micro – Business Fund),  Board of trustees of the Gifted Foundation in Saudi Arabia and was Chairman of the Executive Committee for Family Business Council in Saudi Arabia.  

Mr. Al Agil earned a Masters of Engg from University of California, Berkley in 1975 and a B.S. in Engineering from KFUPM  in 1974. In addition, Mr. Al Agil completed the OPM program at Harvard University in 1987.