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عزام راشد الراشد صاحب مشروع تقني و مدرب برمجة و ريادة الأعمال من آبناء منطقة حائل

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فشلت نهى في اختيار تخصصها مرات واليوم هي رائدة اعمال تم تكريمها دولياً

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5 Things That Make Almuneef A Super Entrepreneur

He is not embarrassed of his failures

Almuneef believes that people can learn from his failures therefore likes talking about them more than his successes. Very few people have such a humble view of themselves, and this is what makes Almuneef stand out

He never allows his struggles to de-motivate him

Almuneef had his fair share of struggles from not being able to gain a college degree, having to wash dishes at a restaurant, being a pizza delivery guy, to taking extra English courses to qualify for a job. But, not once did he let that stop him from giving it his all and achieving his goals

He had tried entrepreneurial endeavors more than once

Before Anoosh, Almuneef started a dot-com business that provided reviews and bookings to hotels and restaurants. Even though it was an idea that wasn’t widely spread because of limited internet access at the time, it did not stop him from thinking outside the box and bringing out new ideas to the world

He started small

To really appreciate the big stuff in life, it’s important to start small and that’s just what Almuneef did. He had little experience when it came to exporting dates with his colleagues and when that business didn’t do well, he went on to build his own private labeling of mamool and dates which kick started Anoosh

He’s constantly thinking of ways to expand

Just because he has reached immense success with Anoosh does not mean he will stop working on new concepts to expand to other types of desserts


EI-KFUPM Case Study on Innosoft Company - Mr. Loai Labani

Wamda: What do you advise young entrepreneurs

Labani: Generally, they need to keep improving themselves and their skills, think outside the box and conduct studies before expanding to other markets