Jarir Bookstore, Mohammed Alagil

Muhammad Al Agil serves as the CEO of Jarir Investment and Chairman of Jarir Group, which comprises of Jarir Bookstore, Jarir Marketing, Jarir Furniture, Jarir Real Estate, Kite Arabia Ltd. and Kids Kingdom.  Mr. Al Agil conceptualized and co-started Jarir Marketing and Jarir Bookstore chains, developing them into leading wholesalers and retailers in Saudi Arabia for stationery, school supplies, office machines, computer supplies, books, arts and engineering items. Jarir Marketing Company is listed in Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) with a market capitalization of more than US $ 1.2 billion, presently.  

Since 1990 Mr. Al Agil has been focusing, through Jarir Investment which is a family office, on private investing both as a direct principal and with various known institutional partnerships. Jarir Investment have been investing worldwide in Hedge Funds, Private Equity and also guiding families second generation through family constitution, career planning and legal structuring.  

He is a Board member of various public companies and large family business groups in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, namely Tawuniya Insurance Co., MBC TV, Al Faisaliah Group etc.  Served as a member of Board of Trustees of Centennial Fund (Micro – Business Fund),  Board of trustees of the Gifted Foundation in Saudi Arabia and was Chairman of the Executive Committee for Family Business Council in Saudi Arabia.  

Mr. Al Agil earned a Masters of Engg from University of California, Berkley in 1975 and a B.S. in Engineering from KFUPM  in 1974. In addition, Mr. Al Agil completed the OPM program at Harvard University in 1987.