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Contract lawyers specialized startups and SMES. ALAQD also provides other legal services for entrepreneurs and SMEs. 

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we are a full service Marketing agency with all the tools to help companies build, grow, and maintain their brand

Ctrl Plus

Ctrl Plus works with experienced national cadres that have formed a professional team of writers, creators, directors, photographers, programmers and marketers, and their long-standing experience in the media content industry, public relations and Digital Marketing, accordingly Ctrl Plus has gained the trust of five international offices, and we consider this a step towards an ambitious future.

Rizq Law Firm

مكتب متخصص فى مجال المحاماة والإستشارات الشرعية والقانونية يعمل به نخبة من المحامين والمستشارين الشرعيين والقانونيين، يغطون كافة أنواع المحاكم والهيئات واللجان فى المملكة، ويعتبر من المكاتب القانونية بالمملكة العربية السعودية التى تسعى دوماً الى تطوير إمكانياتها وقدراتها البشرية والمادية بما يتوافق مع متطلبات ومحاور مراحل تطور المجتمع السعودى المتنامية وإنفتاح آفاقه وأعماله عالمياً فى كافة المجالات الشرعية، القانونية والإقتصادية بما يتيح أكبر الفرص لتقديم خدماته لمواطنيه وسد الثغرات التى تنشأ فى الغالب عن الطفرات الإقتصادية المجتمعية المتسارعة.


Creating the most creative and innovative content for the various digital media platforms, building e-marketing strategies, and branding the digital brand through digital media experts with international accreditations; we love working with creative minds that make us think of telling the story from New perspective.


Icon Digital one of Vision and Solutions Projects, which has been founded in 2007. We are in Innovation technology field. We create innovative products to support Small and Medium Businesses by developing web applications, Mobile apps Graphics and Motions design.


 is a modern Saudi Company which specializes in events management and marketing solutions as well as other services.