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Contract lawyers specialized startups and SMES. ALAQD also provides other legal services for entrepreneurs and SMEs. 

E3mel Business for Financial and Management Consulting

E3mel Business is the first online platform in the Arab world specialized in business management and Entrepreneurship in Arabic language as it includes more than 250 programs for entrepreneurship and more than 300 specialized instructors in management, It is the best solution for people who start a new project and develop their business skills


Maarefah is the leading provider of corporate training and development programs in the Middle East. We provide a comprehensive range of skill-focused professional training programs to suit the needs of organizations of all sizes and varieties, from small private businesses to national public sector institutions. Whether you are looking for an intensive leadership master class, want to redevelop your HR strategy, or need a specialized engineering program delivered by industry experts, our bespoke corporate training programs are designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and professional certification you need to shine in a competitive marketplace.

Deem Technology

Deem Technology is a Saudi application and website development company that is entrepreneurship driven towards providing mobile solutions.  Deem Technology implements and invests in life easing solutions making them viable and scalable businesses. Deem contributes in creating jobs, serving individuals and businesses by linking service providers with potential customers.

We empower our clients to focus on their business operations, While we focus on their development needs.


A local Saudi Company specialized in delivering quality HR services aimed to develop the Individual and the work Environment. Nujeed's services include: Employee Training and Development, Job Matching, HR Outsourcing, Localization and Working Women Empowerment

Integrated Business Solutions

In Integrated Business Solutions we provide various services such as Human Resources services, government services, and accounting services All of these services provided to you with a unique customer care


Hrakat's mission is to help people and businesses to communicate better using the power of visuals. Hrakat production house offers several video production styles (animation, motion graphics and white boards) along with the regular video shooting and editing services.

ReSpeed Associates

ReSpeed Associates is a well-structured HR company operates in Saudi Arabia to serve employment and HR community. Our world-class recruitment solutions include: providing the right shortlisted candidates, guaranteeing that selection is up to expectation, and replacing any unhappy transaction. Our services and products go beyond business to reach and touch everyone’s life, career, future and aspiration.

Our business models revolve around presenting ReSpeed Associates to the people as an expert house that connects people with business and improves their work-life balance.


Olou’s efforts are focused on professional capacity building for individuals, enriching it by providing management and advisory services that empowers the execution of leadership programs that enable individuals developing their organizations and societies, following a wealth of experience in local and international organization. Olou works on developing and employing programs and personal impact tools like mentorship and coaching while creatively merging between social work and business values (Olou is an extension of MentorsKSA, one of the leading Mentorship initiatives in the region).

Professional Recuritment


Each job request we received from our client is considered unique, we look for candidates that not only meet your recuirments and skills, but also the company culture, and candidates who will ultimately add value to the organization. We strategize each request to be handled appropriately in alignment with your company needs. The sourcing processes are unique based on our experience in the market, as we are subject matter experts in different industries & have wide access to candidates that will meet your expectations.

HR Consultation

We want to help maximize your company's performance. Schedule a consultation appointment with one of our human resource experts so we can determine your company needs

Career Consultations

We help individual discover their skills, potentials, & create options for their career. We help to minimize the career risk by evaluating numerous opportunities by way of using different tools & programs

Daallah IT Solutions Ltd. Co

Daallah has a youth spirit in making the life easy on all our customers. As per our experience in life and work, we found that many IT problems & issues for corporate and individuals can be resolved easily by having a special care and focus from people know the culture and the system. We have the ability and passion depending on our knowledge, experience and motivation to help companies to be in their best situation.