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Leandiv/lin div/, is a UX and development house based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We develop applications and UX solutions in various fields like Travel, Business, Entertainment, and many more. We also provide services for a wide range of corporate and public sector clients such as Universities, Banks, Government, etc. Our mission is to set a new standard in the Saudi market by providing state of the art solutions with excellent reputation.

ReSpeed Associates

ReSpeed Associates is a well-structured HR company operates in Saudi Arabia to serve employment and HR community. Our world-class recruitment solutions include: providing the right shortlisted candidates, guaranteeing that selection is up to expectation, and replacing any unhappy transaction. Our services and products go beyond business to reach and touch everyone’s life, career, future and aspiration.

Our business models revolve around presenting ReSpeed Associates to the people as an expert house that connects people with business and improves their work-life balance.

Economic Feasibility Index for Consulting

يعمل فريق "مؤشر الجدوى" تحت مظلة هيئة إستشارية متخصصة و يضم نخبة من الخبراء و المتخصصين المتعاونين في جميع المجالات المتعلقة بدراسات الجدوى و اﻹستشارات اﻹقتصادية 


Olou’s efforts are focused on professional capacity building for individuals, enriching it by providing management and advisory services that empowers the execution of leadership programs that enable individuals developing their organizations and societies, following a wealth of experience in local and international organization. Olou works on developing and employing programs and personal impact tools like mentorship and coaching while creatively merging between social work and business values (Olou is an extension of MentorsKSA, one of the leading Mentorship initiatives in the region).

Saudi Ethraa Financial Advisory

Saudi Ethraa Financial Advisory is a Saudi consulting firm based in Jeddah. It aims to support and assist corporates and SMEs to achieve their strategic targets through developing strategic planning and financial projection along with the appropriate financing mix that meet their needs

Saudi Ethraa has qualified team with diversified experience in the corporate banking sector at the National Commercial Bank and Arab National Bank, in addition to two of the premier audit firms in the world PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst and Young

Furthermore, they have degrees in Accounting and Finance from leading universities like King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and Monash University in Australia

Osama A. Elkhereiji, CPA & Business Consultants

we are an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants and business consultants founded in 1985 and since our establishment we have achieved a rapid and continuous growth in the field of accountancy, finance, Zakat and tax, management and human resource. We are proud to be one of six professional firms chosen to be a member of the first board of Saudi Organization of Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA). We work with clients ranging from large listed corporates and SMEs to government, individuals, their families, and their businesses. As an independent of an international network of highly regarded firms, we can also provide global coverage.

Our goal is to partner with our clients and to be relied upon as a contributing factor to their success. The resources we use include highly educated and well-trained accountants, business consultants, zakat & tax experts as part of our client's management team. Using state of the art technology, we fuse strategy with results in an effort to help our clients succeed and grow. 


Indielabs is a Saudi software startup business based in Khobar, Eastern. It established in June 2014, and sponsored by Aramco entrepreneurship center “Wa’ed”. Indielabs is dedicated for providing production of high-quality software, and classifies its services through a group of independent labs, aimed at fulfilling different software needs.


RQMNH is a company specialises on internet and e-Commerce investment. Established to fill the gap on the filed of web and e-Commerce industries and aspiring to lead it to an advance level in Saudi Arabia and Arab’s countries. Rqmnh started and engaged on investing, acquisition, managing e-Commerce shops and support its customers to improve their operations and sales.


We are RAYZ, a digital creative Saudi agency specialized in digital marketing and Social Media. Started in Riyadh 2012 by a young group of creative and ambitious individuals who aim to be one of biggest names in their field by maintaining “being creative” as their motto.

Yaser Al Tala Charted Accountant and Consulting Firm

We are a premier certified public accounting and business advisory firm holds an auditing professional licenses number 466 issued by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry – Saudi Arabia