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MACRO Management Consulting

We are a Saudi consulting firm driven by local and multinational ambitious business professionals. We strive to solve complex business problems across industries, in ways that deliver value above expectations

Macro Management consulting partners with CEOs, their executive teams and business leaders to drive value transformation. Our team combine a deep local and international expertise that brings energy, initiative and most agile solutions to our clients.

We have a targeted view to provide business insights and consulting to assist our clients to make strategic business decisions and achieve sustainable growth in their respective market domain.

Macro Management Consulting works with clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors to dramatically improve performance, thereby strengthening their capacity to deliver more to deliver a higher return on investment.

Business Governance Consulting

Business Governance Consulting is the first and only consultancy in Saudi Arabia specializing in the field of corporate governance and compliance from the perspective of regulatory bodies, the authorities that govern the work of enterprises and all sizes and types of institutions

We provide consulting services based on our professional principles, finding innovation solutions for clients which reflect our broad intellectual capabilities and extensive commercial experience

Our team includes consultants with scientific and academic qualifications and extensive experience locally and internationally in the field of corporate governance, compliance and the evaluation of business risks. We have previously worked in major joint-stock companies, public and private sector organizations, and in the world’s leading consulting firms

Our primary goal is to help businesses develop and to establish a reputation for excellence by providing quality integrated services built on credibility, compliance and transparency

Red Impact

Red Impact (RI) is an independent Saudi advertising agency based in Jeddah. Since our humble beginnings in 2005, we have been constantly growing and building a solid client base. Our team is built on knowledge and a pin-point understanding of the local market which gives us the platform to provide our clients with SPOT ON IDEAS that WORK LOCALLY; while you, our clients are SPOT ON when you choose to work with us.

Rizq Law Firm

مكتب متخصص فى مجال المحاماة والإستشارات الشرعية والقانونية يعمل به نخبة من المحامين والمستشارين الشرعيين والقانونيين، يغطون كافة أنواع المحاكم والهيئات واللجان فى المملكة، ويعتبر من المكاتب القانونية بالمملكة العربية السعودية التى تسعى دوماً الى تطوير إمكانياتها وقدراتها البشرية والمادية بما يتوافق مع متطلبات ومحاور مراحل تطور المجتمع السعودى المتنامية وإنفتاح آفاقه وأعماله عالمياً فى كافة المجالات الشرعية، القانونية والإقتصادية بما يتيح أكبر الفرص لتقديم خدماته لمواطنيه وسد الثغرات التى تنشأ فى الغالب عن الطفرات الإقتصادية المجتمعية المتسارعة.


Creating the most creative and innovative content for the various digital media platforms, building e-marketing strategies, and branding the digital brand through digital media experts with international accreditations; we love working with creative minds that make us think of telling the story from New perspective.


Hawsabah in Arabic means “Computing” where our core business lies. We belief that the computing is one of the most critical and cost sensitive part of any organization infrastructure. From our experience in the Large Enterprises, Government Agencies, and even Small & Medium Businesses we found out that the computing part is the least optimized part and executives are not paying enough attention to its importance in the organization value chain
In Hawsabah we target the exact problem root, not the symptoms. We assess organization’s pain points by adopting the correct resources, using the right tools and following the correct procedure. Our expertise start from the basic systems of the infrastructures to the most and complex advances solutions on top of it


Enigma is a specialized company in social media that relies on building clear strategies for companies existing in the virtual reality in general and on social media platforms in particular.enigma also constructs comprehensive identities for companies wishing to exist in the virtual sphere and highlight their services to costumers and followers. In addition enigma provides consultation and training services in the area of identity construction in the digital world.

Haya Design Studio


Alamoudi Law Firm

Our vision is we continue offices specialized in establishing companies and subsidiaries and institutions necessary for all nationalities and residences will work on the implementation of this vision by offering a complete range of advisory services in the field of management and by building relationships with the client continue in the future 

Deem Technology

Deem Technology is a Saudi application and website development company that is entrepreneurship driven towards providing mobile solutions.  Deem Technology implements and invests in life easing solutions making them viable and scalable businesses. Deem contributes in creating jobs, serving individuals and businesses by linking service providers with potential customers.

We empower our clients to focus on their business operations, While we focus on their development needs.