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From 1-5 employess or less than SAR 3 millions in revenue


50 t0 249 employees or SAR 40-200 millions in revenue 


6-49 employees or SAR 3-40 millions in revenue 

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Most e-commerce retailers facing challenges with their last mile delivery. We facilitate innovative logistical operations supporting higher success rate and better income


SecuTronic offers state of the art security solutions from leading manufacturers in the world. Our approach is to work closely with the customer and propose a solution matching to its requirements

In today’s world where there are a lot of options available in security market and integrated systems are on demand, you can take advantage of SecuTronic’s Security & Safety Consultants. Our consultants work closely with the customers, analyze their requirement and then propose the most feasible solution for their environment


Talah specializes in the traditional Arabian hospitality of dates, complementary sweets, drinks, and Arabian coffee made from the finest coffee beans and cardamom. Talah is distinctive in its selection of the finest ingredients, its clever blending of flavours and its unmatched variety of products. Here at Talah we work extremely hard to offer you the essence of tradition with a modern twist

 Because Talah acknowledges your unique taste, it offers you something special. It grants you a large variety of carefully wrapped and decorated dishes, baskets, box and luxury gift-sets to suit your every need. Occasions are never complete without Talah, so why not try our infamous edible palm tree. It will surely impress your guests and offer a unique talking point

 Talah cares about you and your family’s health. Through what was proven by Sunnah and modern science as useful to the human body, Talah focuses on providing you with all that is healthy and beneficial. Talah applies the highest standards of quality and hygiene, and uses 100% natural ingredients guaranteed for your piece of mind

Baby Fitaihi

بيبي فتيحي هو أول اسم مجوهرات تجاري عربي بطابع عالمي مختص بتصميم مجوهرات الأطفال. يقدم بيبي فتيحي تصاميم مجوهرات عصريّة صُممت وصُنعت خصيصاً للمواليد والأطفال.

في عام 2005 قام الدكتور "محـمد أحمد حسن فتيحي" مؤسس ومدير عام "بيبي فتيحي" بافتتاح أول معرض "بيبي فتيحي" في مركز البساتين بمدينة جدة بعد دراسة مكثفة لسوق المجوهرات و قطاع هدايا الأطفال 

صُممت معارض بيبي فتيحي لتعكس صورة الاسم التجاري في جميع الجوانب: لطيفة، عصرية، فريدة من نوعها, مميزة, مختلفة، مرحة وملائمة للأطفال وعائلتهم

تم افتتاح متجر " بيبي فتيحي " الإلكتروني تلبيةً لرغبة عملائنا الكرام؛ ليكون عالمًا حالمًا نفتح منه بابًا مباشرًا على منازلهم لاختيار مجوهرات أطفالهم وهداياهم في متصفحٍ سهل ومشوّق, تم تصميمه بشكل مريح للتجوّل/ للتسوّق فيه. كما ونعلن عن استقبال طلبكم من المجوهرات في طرق شراء ودفع ميسرة, لتصلكم هداياكم في وقتٍ  قصير بداخل كيس وعلبة هدايا مميّزة يتناسب مع تصاميم المجوهرات المرحة والمميّزة  

The first shop for jewelry for babies and children in the Middle East. The shop, Baby Fitaihi, is owned by Mohammed Ahmed Fitaihi. 


Lomar's idea was born on 2002. Yet, was launched to the public on 2005.

The past meets the future in Lomar modern designs. Our thobes have redefined male elegance. We rephrased the vocabulary of the thobe to compliment your life style, to strengthen your ties with your heritage, and wear your thobe with pride. The thobe that satisfies your need is a Lomar thobe.


E-learning is a great tool only if it is done right. Classera defines three characteristics that leave a true impact on the learning ecosystem: Intelligent and Personalized, Social and Connected, and Inspiring and Engaging