UTURN, the leading Arabic entertainment network on YouTube, was founded in 2010 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. UTURN produces premium content with the aim to promote Arabic content globally.


Artistia aims to build, on a historical heritage, a modern platform that fosters the new generation of Artists and Designers in the Middle East. Now, Artistia.com brings you unique and locally designed or made products that will make you showoff the talents we have in the region and allow you to express yourself differently. Products like fine art, accessories, Jewelry, apparel, home decor, Furniture, stationery, customization and more!
Artistia.com is an Arabic online social marketplace to buy directly from local artists & designers in the Middle East.


MAHARAH is a leading mobile platform in Saudi Arabia that connects service seekers looking for maintenance and civil works with high-quality professionals (Mahers).


Suplift is a platform that helps people who want to learn new hobbies and leisure skills find local experts to coach and mentor them. Suplift provides the learners with access to real-life classes in their cities than are created by passionate local experts in those skills and hobbies.


DokkanAfkar.com was created by a group of passionate guys who love and appreciate creativity, design and ideas. It was created to enable customers to buy cool unique products with ideas that are fun, unusual and unique. Our products have a focus on fun, uniqueness, defiantly clever, and entertaining products.