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50 t0 249 employees or SAR 40-200 millions in revenue 


6-49 employees or SAR 3-40 millions in revenue 

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Hommycook is an online marketplace for homemade food. Through Hommycook, people can sell and buy homemade food in many of Saudi cities


Careeb.com is Fastest growing online food and grocery store. More than 8,000 products and over a 500 brands available in our catalogue you will find everything you are looking for. Right from fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Bakery, Meat & Fishes, Rice, Health & Beauty, Home Care, Baby items, Personal care products, Electronics, all you can find at Careeb.com

Choose from a wide range of options in every category, exclusively hand picked by your personal shopper to help you find the best quality available at the lowest prices. Select a time slot for delivery and your order will be delivered right to your doorstep. You can place order 24/7 and your groceries will be delivered right during selected delivery slot. Careeb.com provides multiple payment option by credit card or even you can pay upon delivery

Careeb assure on time delivery

Sugar Supplies

نوفر لك افضل الأدوات التي تساعد في اظهار طبقك بأفضل شكل , مدعومة بالزينة والنكهات التي تضاف إلى مأكولاتك , ولن ننسى تغليفك الأخير للطبق الذي يضيف إليه نوعاً من الجاذبية , وستجد الكثير  


استديو سعودي مختص بإنشاء المحتوى القصصي لإنتاج ونشر القصص المصورة العربية ، نسعى لبناء مجتمع يهتم وينتج المانغا والكوميكس العربية ويتناقلها بشغف.


علامة تجارية لأول شركة نسائية سعودية تقدم صيانة الجوالات والأجهزة الذكية والكمبيوترات للتواصل 


B8ak is an on-demand home maintenance mobile application, that connected home and business owners with verified service providers in major cities in Saudi Arabia.


Telfaz11 is an entertainment production and distribution network based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The network is considered a pioneer in "online video content" production in the MENA region.


The word “Telfaz” is the Arabic equivalent of the word “television,” and the number 11 in Telfaz11 is an homage to the year 2011, the year where great changes have occurred in the Middle East region; changes that have affected not only the way the world looks at Arabs, but also the way Arabs look at themselves.

Roman Bedah

Roman Bedah is an e-store in cooperation with the Agricultural Affairs to promote the sale of pomegranates across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


MAHARAH is a leading mobile platform in Saudi Arabia that connects service seekers looking for maintenance and civil works with high-quality professionals (Mahers).


DokkanAfkar.com was created by a group of passionate guys who love and appreciate creativity, design and ideas. It was created to enable customers to buy cool unique products with ideas that are fun, unusual and unique. Our products have a focus on fun, uniqueness, defiantly clever, and entertaining products.