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Gazelle App for Transportation


Gazelle is an easy to use application that provides an access to affordable and reliable car rides.

Gazelle is providing services as below:

1- You can book a variety of car types like Economy, SUV, Business, and Luxury cars
2- You can book rides for now and Later
3- Choice of hourly based booking
4- Passengers can customize their packages as their choices
5- Companies customized packages
6- Cancel or reschedule booking
7- Memberships availability
8- Training center for Gazelle's Leaders 


Acadox is a cutting-edge approach to managing academic-social life in a simple, secure and efficient manner. Acadox is community-focused and has the perfect blend of tools and services to help you reach the maximum of your learning goals. We have built our infrastructure on the most advanced Cloud technology applications so that it reduces your IT operational costs and.lets you focus on your learning and teaching


We wanted to make life easy and that is the driving force behind Delivus. The idea of Delivus was born when one of our cofounders ordered some goods on the social media and found it to be a great convenience and get addicted to it. Over time, he felt that with improved and organized delivery services this sector could do wonders. He explored the idea further with some of the business owners and all of them agreed with his assessment. Sensing the need and desire we got down to translate the idea from drawing board to reality and that’s when we realized the enormity of the task and its great potential. Afterwards, there was no going back and the result is in front of you


As’hal KSA website for online shopping registered at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is a specialized site for retail sale on the Internet, and covers all regions of the Kingdom and GCC country, we seek to be a flagship store in the area of retailing on the Internet in GCC Country, and our goal is to offer our customers the best products with the best service at the best price, and at the same while providing a high level of customer service they deserve.
As we help the shopper to focus and choose products that suit them without interference by the products they does not want them.


Autotash is on a mission to organize the unorganized Spare Parts Industry in KSA! The days where people have a hard time getting spare parts quotations, or spend hours to reach the industrial areas in order to ask for spare parts prices are gone! Imagine that you can visit more than one industrial area in minutes, imagine that you can get different parts from multiple suppliers in different locations all delivered within hours. Autotash's team have decided to make this a reality! Autotash helps individuals and corporates cut down their costs, explore their options and save time by using our service with a guaranteed fulfillment and delivery 

12 Cups

12 Cups was the first coffee provider in Saudi Arabia to allow customers to choose different coffee blends and brewing methods to find sweetness, aroma, acidity, flavor and body of their cup of coffee. We share our knowledge and expertise to educate our customers using the "One Cup at a Time" philosophy, which has already influenced many other local venues to adopt the concept,

We import and distribute many coffee equipment for home users as well as for commercial use. Among these names are Hario, Saint Anthony Industries, Handgrind, Frankgreen, Keepcup, Aeropress, Cafflano and others. We are also distributors of capital coffee equipment: Synesso, Breville and Ratio; we offers sales and after sales services, maintenance.

12 Cups also makes custom-designed coffee drip stations according to our customers’ style and taste. 12 Cups is keen on expanding its expertise to satisfy the local market. We are willing to offer a whole concept that serves the entire hospitality industry and culture, coffee in particular, by starting to recruit and retain highly talented coffee tasters, roasters, and baristas; and partnering with international and local entrepreneurs.

The Stationery

We are a brick and mortar shop + online store based in the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with the vision to be the GCC* hub where all design fanatics and paper addicts gather and chant stationery songs. *we just love stationery so much* Created by the minds behind House of the 8th—a multidisciplinary design house— Aaliah Al-Aali is the creative director, product mixer and quality control along with her partner-in-crime Abdulkareem Alalami, the ex-aerospace engineer and the better business negotiator between the two. The Station[e]ry is simply a play store for adults to get their unique, high quality paper goods & office needs.


With "Saydl", users are granted the ability to purchase medicines, delivered to their very own door-step, well under an hour, from their most familiar, or favored pharmacy. Resulting to no hectic traffic to endure, pharmacy-hopping, & wasting precious time, queuing in line. Simply log on to "Saydl", file your order, & enjoy your day, while our efficient, & caring delivery team, scramble, to reach your address in less than 60 minutes.

All your needs are available in a simple, intuitive, & easy-to-use app. If wondering as to what types of good, are available for purchase at "Saydl"...

The answer simply being: Anything, & everything available at your favorite pharmacy, is available and can be purchased via our app. This ranges from everything, from medicinal, health, beauty, hair, skin-care, & shaving products, to mother & child, or oral, & bathroom supplies. The main difference, is not what you may purchase, but rather, how much more simplified it is to do so.


Jak is a disruptive on-demand delivery app and platform that speeds up the way goods are transported in cities. It connects online/offline stores with local couriers, enabling anyone to delivery anything at any time. eCommerce platforms can offer customers Jak’s faster, cheaper delivery option right at checkout, using Jak API. We’re powering the future of urban logistics, helping both small stores and big businesses move their goods through cities faster than anyone ever imagined.


HalaYalla is an exciting new app to help you organize and participate in activities in your area without any of the headache you usually have to deal with. But it’s more than just an organizer. With HalaYalla, you have the opportunity to connect with people, try new things, learn new skills and most importantly to have fun in a way that you haven’t before! The idea was born and built in Saudi Arabia because we believed that there was a better way to get people together. We’ve lived, worked and most importantly had to organize activities here ourselves so we know how difficult it can be. It’s why we’ve built what we’ve built and we wouldn’t release anything into the world that we wouldn’t be proud to use ourselves! Our team consists of brilliant and passionate people whose expertise in sports event management and UX mobile design has helped us build an innovative, user-­‐friendly and just plain awesome app that we know you will love!