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Geidea is a leading Saudi fintech, characterized by its customer-centered approach and best-in-class technologies. We consider our clients to be our success stories, because we develop solutions tailored to their needs. We serve both the public and the private sector including but not limited to the banking sector, retail & wholesale, F&B, hospitality and healthcare.

Maestro Pizza

Launched in 2013, Maestro Pizza is Saudi Arabia’s fastest growing QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) chain, having international professional competence. Maestro has been widely accepted and appreciated by its consumers with a mission to Master Saudi Pizza Currently, a total of around +1,000 associates support its operations, Maestro Pizza's core team has international outlook with people from varied backgrounds constituting the management KSA, USA, Spain, Germany, Jordan, India, Pakistan, etc  


At Semanoor we believe that information and knowledge are fuel for the human spirit. They foster understanding, discovery, enjoyment, learning, and commerce around the globe. We believe in a world where people always have access to the information they need, advancing their lives so they can advance the lives of others.


AlwanMed is a distributor of disposable medical supplies and pharmaceuticals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Since our founding in 2014, we helped international manufacturers access Saudi Arabia's largest government and private healthcare institutions

We take pride in our commitment to patient wellness and satisfying our clients' needs for quality affordable products while establishing trustworthy life-long relationships with our stakeholders


Semanoor's track record goes back to more than 15 years span, when the company was established in year 2000, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We are specialized in information technology solutions and unified communications services, particularly e-publishing and e-learning for multi-languages users and applicants.


HalaYalla is a FREE event and activity booking application that allows you to easily book, attend, organize or create sports, entertainment and leisure events and activities throughout Saudi Arabia! HalaYalla uses your phone’s internet connection and location services to let you engage in an array of sports hobbies and active lifestyle events taking place around you


Waseel's mission is to establish Internet based connectivity, information services, and B2B e-commerce capabilities for the healthcare insurance market with dedication to continuous development, expansion and quality services by maintaining a super-mega database managed by talented professionals.

Saudi Industrial Plastic Products Factory

Saudi Industrial Plastic Products Factory (SIF) was established at the end of 2013, after a study that extended for three years. It is considered the first factory in the Middle East that concern about manufacturing the medical plastic-based consumables that are used for one time.

Since the factory is operating now in its full capacity to reach the best quality standards, beginning from the day one, the Company adhered to the standards of performance and the evaluation of the products through experts and prominent doctors as the product pass by many phases beginning from searching the needs until product testing and probation.

The Factory involves many administrations and facilities including market study department then the product designing and development department then the quality department passing to the product sterilization division.

The factory administration concentrates on the details of managing the building and production lines. Moreover, they are using BMS Systems for managing the building and production lines and sterilizing. In addition, they are operating in integrated security systems that provide safety for the employees and workers and guarantee the safety of the products.


Anoosh’s custom made Chocolates are made using only the finest ingredients from around the world including chocolate from Belgium, Switzerland and Lebanon. Filled with different types of Cashews, Wafers, Fruits, Toffee, Coffee, Nuts, Biscuit, Hazelnut, Almonds, Rice Crispy, Fruits, Dates and the list goes on. But that’s not all! We also started catering for different Chocolate cravers out there in our new merchandised chocolate boxes that contains nothing but pure chocolate ranging from Dark Chocolate to Milk Chocolate down to White Chocolate, with many more yet to come. Care is taken to ensure each batch of creams curls just right.


Since the beginning Shawarmar works to achieve continuos accomplishments , and proceeds in providing the best quality by developing its services as a national trademark. in 1999, Shawarmar created its own unique identity which its base is “Shawarma’s Plate”, which is the most popular meal among us.

Our uniqueness in Shawarmar derives from presenting the “Shawarma” to our customers as beef and chicken sandwiches in an unusual way with a variety of flavors like adding Homos to it or pomegranate molasses, cheese sauces and Tikka. Also, the attractive names that we choose for our meals which indicates its ingredients and the way it’s presented, like “Arabo” our Arabic Shawarma plate, “Shat’shaweesh” which is a spicy Shawarma, and “Bites” which is 6 small pieces of small Shawarma sandwiches

What made our trademark unique and special in Saudi Arabia is our interest in the smallest details, and our unparalleled style in cooking food in a way that undergoes health specifications where the Shawarma “skewer” doesn’t last for more than 3 hours and gets replaced by another one after that, and the fact that our meals get prepared in front of the customers throughout a sophisticated chopping device that guarantees the quality every time our Shawarmar’s meals are being prepared

Your order will be handled to you in a unique packaging specified for every meal, printed on it the logo and the description for each meal, and a marvelous design was pictured for you

Our passion about what we do is what motivates us to proceed since our first restaurant until it expanded to become a chain of restaurants that contains more than 50 restaurants around Saudi Arabia