Salasa offers a turnkey solution for 
e-commerce businesses that takes away all your worries and lets you focus on marketing and sales, while it seamlessly handles, the orders your sales personnel generate.


An initiative by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment in cooperation with Thiqah Business Services Company where Thiqah is the developer and operator of this service. Maroof is a new service that is useful for any person who deals with online shopping either as a seller or as a shopper

Being one of the most important and innovative services developed by Thiqah, Maroof aims to provide more information about online shops to shoppers while motivating people to buy and sell online. This effective service allows shoppers to find online stores easily, it also enables them to share their experiences and views as well as evaluate such vendors through the platform

The service is free and does not require Commercial Registration. Vendors who participate in the service can add all their communication channels on their page in Maroof, which will allow shoppers to get in touch with them to help expand their customer base

A platform for Online Stores by Bab Rizq Jameel

منصة عمل أون لاين توفرها باب رزق جميل