eModon Services

Services provided​​​​

    • Land allocation services: Services include allocation request services; follow up of requests, review of drawings and issuance of building permits.

    • Contract Services: Services include renewal of contracts services, waiving and issuance of statements of account.

    • Consulting offices prequalification services: Services include different types of prequalification requests, follow-up prequalification requests and evaluation of qualified consulting offices.

    • MODON Maps: It contains a package of research and inquiry services about the industrial cities in various ways in addition to other map services such as measurement, satellite images etc.

    • Query and reporting services for industrial cities: It is a collection of research services to provide as much information to investors about the industrial cities, the available industries, products, and others.

    • Customer Affairs Services: These services deal with customers' communications, suggestions and management of their accounts.

    • Contractor Prequalification Services: The service aims to provide qualified contractors to serve the industrial and investment projects of MODON customers.​

Issuance of an Initial Industrial License

This service allows to issue an initial industrial license electronically without having to visit the ministry 
After submitting the application for issuing an initial industrial license, the time taken to complete this order is one working day. When submitting the application, a number will be given, so the customer can follow up his request through his mobile phone and know the status of his order without attending the Ministry building