Policy and Regulations

Policy and regulations related to starting up and operating enterprises 


eModon Services

Services provided​​​​

    • Land allocation services: Services include allocation request services; follow up of requests, review of drawings and issuance of building permits.

    • Contract Services: Services include renewal of contracts services, waiving and issuance of statements of account.

    • Consulting offices prequalification services: Services include different types of prequalification requests, follow-up prequalification requests and evaluation of qualified consulting offices.

    • MODON Maps: It contains a package of research and inquiry services about the industrial cities in various ways in addition to other map services such as measurement, satellite images etc.

    • Query and reporting services for industrial cities: It is a collection of research services to provide as much information to investors about the industrial cities, the available industries, products, and others.

    • Customer Affairs Services: These services deal with customers' communications, suggestions and management of their accounts.

    • Contractor Prequalification Services: The service aims to provide qualified contractors to serve the industrial and investment projects of MODON customers.​

Ministry of Labor and Social Development

Labor-related e-services provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development 

General Sports Authority

خدمة التراخيص الرياضية الإلكترونية

تمكن هذه الخدمة من إصدار التراخيص الرياضية التابعة للهيئة العامة للرياضة لمزاولة الأنشطة الرياضية

Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage


Accommodation facilities 
Tour Operators
Travel Agencies System
Tourist Guide 

General Commission for Audiovisual Media

The General Commission of Audiovisual Media (GCAM), is the government organization in charge of developing and regulating the entire audiovisual market and industry for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. GCAM oversees the following sectors; * Video production, distribution, and consumption * Audio production, distribution 

Saudi Patent Office

The Saudi Patent Office (SPO) aims to provide protection for inventions, layout-designs of integrated circuits, plant varieties and industrial designs in the Kingdom 

Saudi Food and Drug Authority

E-services related to issuing licenses in the sectors of Food, Drug, Medical Device and Cosmetics 

Innovate in Saudi by SAGIA

This service is provided to entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in Saudi accredited by Saudi universities or business incubators.

Issuance of an Initial Industrial License

This service allows to issue an initial industrial license electronically without having to visit the ministry 
After submitting the application for issuing an initial industrial license, the time taken to complete this order is one working day. When submitting the application, a number will be given, so the customer can follow up his request through his mobile phone and know the status of his order without attending the Ministry building   

Issuance of a Commercial Register

This service enables clients to issue a commercial register electronically and approve it by the competent official electronically without having to visit the ministry building
After submitting the application for a Commercial Registration, the time taken to complete the issuance of C.R. is 180 seconds for individual institutions. When applying for C.R., a number will be given, so the customer can follow up his request through his mobile phone and know the status of his order without attending the Ministry building.

SAGIA - Start a Business Services

SAGIA is committed to enhancing the experience of investing and operating in the Kingdom by serving as an information clearinghouse while providing comprehensive licensing and support services.

Balady Portal for Municiple Services

تم تطوير بوابة "بلدي" بالتعاون مع جهات القطاع البلدي المختلفة لتكون البوابة الوطنية الداعمة للمجتمع البلدي. وتشمل هذه البوابة في المرحلة الحالية ثلاث خدمات رئيسية و هي: (1) الخدمات التفاعلية التي تساعد في تعزيز مفهوم الشراكة المجتمعية لتحسين جودة الخدمات المقدمة للمستفيدين، (2) الخدمات الإلكترونية التي تساعد على تقديم الطلبات الإلكترونية لاستخراج الرخص الأكثر استخداما ، (3) الخدمات المعلوماتية و التي تساعد المستفيدين من إتخاذ القرارات ذات العلاقة بما يساهم في تحسين مستوى الرضا عن جهات القطاع البلدي و من خلال تقديم هذه الخدمات تهدف بوابة "بلدي" إلى تحسين جودة مستوى الخدمات البلدية المقدمة على جميع أمانات وبلديات المملكة، و تفعيل دور المستفيدين كشركاء فاعلين ، و تحسين مستوى رضاهم وتعزيز مستوى الشفافية بين جهات القطاع البلدي