Flagship.sa eSports & Gaming Services

Flagship.sa eSports is a small organization focused on providing a hub for young gamers in Saudi to enjoy their favorite hobby of playing PC games with their peers competitively. One of our objectives at Flagship.sa is to help the development of the gaming community to support the General Authority of Sports efforts to bring the local talent to the world in the realm of eSports events and World Cups. Our services currently focuses on providing access to high-end gaming computers and accessories to our members. And we look forward to expanding and creating more lines of business as grow.

Rock. Paper. Scissors

Our products are not just toys or game boards; we build our products not to be used but to be experienced. We create a playful experience that has the ability to cultivate pure laughter, to spark an honest conversation, and to unlock people’s creative wealth. We introduce Arabic content games with local yet trendy, modern package and mechanics. We make products that families love to gather around and make the time for without having play advocate in the family.