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نقوم بربطك بمرشد سياحي في مدن مختلفة من العالم وفق مسارات سياحية صممت خصيصاً لك
شركة منطاد لتقنية المعلومات هي شركة سعودية مقرها جدة وتخدم مناطق متعددة في المنطقة عبر فريق من المؤهلين وبشراكة متعددة من أجل إثراء رحلتك الساحية


Almosafer is a Saudi Online based travel agency established in 2013, which enables the customer to be locked in an enjoyable experience to book the accommodation in more than 1 million hotels around the world through their Application, call center, website and the social media channels. The customer can always book without a credit card, pay later.

Over 300 well-trained employees working in shifts 24/7 to sell a wonderful experience full of happiness and beautiful memories. Our specialized team quest to get the best prices all over the world and focus on the destinations in high demand and they always make sure to serve the customer with the highest quality to stay trustworthy.