Hezmah special application enables customers to buy fresh vegetables and fruits of various kinds and deliver them for free
through the Internet and through an application that is divided into several main sections.

They are as follows: fresh vegetables department, fresh fruits department, and fresh fruit department

Tean Market

We assure you best quality with affordability

Just follow simple steps of our application and order from large variety of fruits and vegetables, at a time which suits you best. You can also customize your order as per your requirement.

Now available in Jeddah.

Mango Jazan

Mango Jazan store is a great idea started from twitter in response to desire of many fans of the Mango fruit which is grown in Jazan region, Saudi Arabia specifically with different varieties. Jazan Mango is well-known brand due to its quality,taste and competitive price. Accordingly, we developed the idea to unique Online professional project and we created a commercial brand for Mango Jazan. This store is aimed to be accessed easily through the web, Mobiles and different devices to meet customers desire to enjoy one of the top Mango fruit globally and grown at Jazan.