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Lomar's idea was born on 2002. Yet, was launched to the public on 2005.

The past meets the future in Lomar modern designs. Our thobes have redefined male elegance. We rephrased the vocabulary of the thobe to compliment your life style, to strengthen your ties with your heritage, and wear your thobe with pride. The thobe that satisfies your need is a Lomar thobe.


E-learning is a great tool only if it is done right. Classera defines three characteristics that leave a true impact on the learning ecosystem: Intelligent and Personalized, Social and Connected, and Inspiring and Engaging 


Artistia aims to build, on a historical heritage, a modern platform that fosters the new generation of Artists and Designers in the Middle East. Now, Artistia.com brings you unique and locally designed or made products that will make you showoff the talents we have in the region and allow you to express yourself differently. Products like fine art, accessories, Jewelry, apparel, home decor, Furniture, stationery, customization and more!
Artistia.com is an Arabic online social marketplace to buy directly from local artists & designers in the Middle East.


Suplift is a platform that helps people who want to learn new hobbies and leisure skills find local experts to coach and mentor them. Suplift provides the learners with access to real-life classes in their cities than are created by passionate local experts in those skills and hobbies.

Mango Jazan

Mango Jazan store is a great idea started from twitter in response to desire of many fans of the Mango fruit which is grown in Jazan region, Saudi Arabia specifically with different varieties. Jazan Mango is well-known brand due to its quality,taste and competitive price. Accordingly, we developed the idea to unique Online professional project and we created a commercial brand for Mango Jazan. This store is aimed to be accessed easily through the web, Mobiles and different devices to meet customers desire to enjoy one of the top Mango fruit globally and grown at Jazan.