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You Positive

You Positive (U+) is A platform connecting between life coaches and psychologist with the customers who need the services of guides and help. Our service is for regular people, helping them to face their daily challenges. It online, with the ultimate privacy.


Ranam | A mobile game & app that teaches you to play songs with Oud & cultural instruments in a convenient, fun, & engaging way! It offers a library of easy to follow, quality, and interactive songs to learn from, that uses audio technology to provide instant performance feedback! Simply, a music tutor in your pocket.


With "Saydl", users are granted the ability to purchase medicines, delivered to their very own door-step, well under an hour, from their most familiar, or favored pharmacy. Resulting to no hectic traffic to endure, pharmacy-hopping, & wasting precious time, queuing in line. Simply log on to "Saydl", file your order, & enjoy your day, while our efficient, & caring delivery team, scramble, to reach your address in less than 60 minutes.

All your needs are available in a simple, intuitive, & easy-to-use app. If wondering as to what types of good, are available for purchase at "Saydl"...

The answer simply being: Anything, & everything available at your favorite pharmacy, is available and can be purchased via our app. This ranges from everything, from medicinal, health, beauty, hair, skin-care, & shaving products, to mother & child, or oral, & bathroom supplies. The main difference, is not what you may purchase, but rather, how much more simplified it is to do so.


Jak is a disruptive on-demand delivery app and platform that speeds up the way goods are transported in cities. It connects online/offline stores with local couriers, enabling anyone to delivery anything at any time. eCommerce platforms can offer customers Jak’s faster, cheaper delivery option right at checkout, using Jak API. We’re powering the future of urban logistics, helping both small stores and big businesses move their goods through cities faster than anyone ever imagined.


Notah store is online store that opened in 2013 to provide unique exclusive stationary items for individuals that been ordered from around the world. You can find in NotahStore Notebook, pen, notepaper, bookmarks, small bags, and office accessories. We also encourage Saudi products.


We Provide Weekend’s Boat Rentals for Recreationalists and Tourists.


شركة واضح التعليمية المحدودة هي شركة سعودية مسجلة في مدينة جدة. يشرف عليها مهندسون ومدرسون ذوي تجارب وخبرة كبيرة في مجال التعليم وفي مجال التطبيقات الهندسية العملية.

الفكرة الأساسية من إنشاء شركة واضح هو تقديم الرياضيات بطريقة جديدة مبتكرة، تقرب المادة من الطلاب والطالبات وتهيئهم للتخصص مستقبلا في تخصصات علمية وهندسية.


EjarTech initiated with an idea to link all car rental companies under one platform, creating an added value for the industry. The platform will be connecting service providers with their targeted customers by using smart and friendly solutions that help both sides of the market obtain gains by saving time and effort along with cost efficiency.


We are a Saudi-based company specialized in providing state-of-the-art mobile cleaning and polishing services and solutions for vehicles “wherever the customer may be”. Our approach combines technique and technology to achieve the highest quality standards and in doing so, we provide a green alternative that relies on dry steam technology for cleaning and polishing vehicles.


نحن مبادرة شبابية ناشئة نسعى إلى نقل المعرفة والعلم وتوفيرها للباحثين عنها.

كما نسعى إلى توفير خدمات بيع وشراء الكتب المستعملة عن طريق العرض والطلب بين البائع والمشتري من خلال عرضها على منصة رفوف الإلكترونية التي تشمل كافة أنواع الكتب المستعملة بصفة عامة، وعلى جميع المحاور من كتب دراسية إلى كتب ثقافية عامة من كل المجالات والإختصاصات.


ونهدف أيضا إلى نشر الوعي الإستهلاكي من حيث إعادة تداول الكتب المستعملة وغير المستخدمة حاليا بين أفراد المجتمع مما قد يعود بفوائد إقتصادية على المستوى الفردي بل وعلى المستوى الإقتصادي العام.


وفي أذهاننا أن المعرفة والثقافة قيمة نعمل على دعمها ونشرها من خلال تسهيل حصول الباحث و القارئ و الطالب على الكتب التي تصب في إهتماماته ورغباته الثقافية بأسعار مناسبة في متناول الجميع مع خدمة التوصيل الإحترافية.