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مؤسسة نسيج المحيط تقدم خدمة تفصيل ثياب رجالي وأطفال من موقعك الذي تحدده. بهذا التطبيق تستطيع حجز موعد محدد ليتم زيارتك ، بالإضافة إلى الاستمتاع بالعروض المقدمة .. تقدم هذه الخدمة للمنطقة الغربية (جدة ، مكة، الطايف) حاليا


Serviis is the largest marketplace for local services, and there's more, It's your new way to realize all your day to day projects, from home related projects (as plumbing, painting, cleaning etc) to personal projects (wedding planning, fitness, photography etc), to events or business related projects. By using serviis you will be contacted by the best valued professionals around you and they will be ready to help you realize whatever you need or plan to do. We are a passionate, young and tirelessy team that is working hard to have a great impact on people's life, improving the quality and the access to the wider range of services available on the internet

Crafts Mood

من جدة.حلمنا أن نشارككم ابداعكم و فنكم و اهتماماتكم. وجدنا لنوفر عنكم عناء البحث عن كل ما يختص الحرف و الاعمال اليدوية. نحرص علي أن نتميز ليتميز عملاؤنا. بكل حب نستقبل طلباتكم و ما تودون اقتناؤه


SHAKL-company’s founders are entrepreneurs with amazing strategic thinking, they turned their passion into a business opportunity.

3D printing is a magical tool that we are used to enjoy seeing in our favorite movies, we truly believe that additive manufacturing is a game changer and our team thrives as a catalyst and role model for innovators and entrepreneurs’ kingdom-wide striving towards vision 2030.We don’t believe in luck. we believe in opportunities and opportunities comes to a person who is ready.


HalaYalla is an exciting new app to help you organize and participate in activities in your area without any of the headache you usually have to deal with. But it’s more than just an organizer. With HalaYalla, you have the opportunity to connect with people, try new things, learn new skills and most importantly to have fun in a way that you haven’t before! The idea was born and built in Saudi Arabia because we believed that there was a better way to get people together. We’ve lived, worked and most importantly had to organize activities here ourselves so we know how difficult it can be. It’s why we’ve built what we’ve built and we wouldn’t release anything into the world that we wouldn’t be proud to use ourselves! Our team consists of brilliant and passionate people whose expertise in sports event management and UX mobile design has helped us build an innovative, user-­‐friendly and just plain awesome app that we know you will love!


افتتح المتجر عام ٢٠١٣ كأول منصة إلكترونية مختصة بتصاميم الألماس الصناعي والأطقم المطلية في المملكة العربية السعودية بشكل خاص والخليج العربي بشكل عام.

Noon Education

We are Noon pioneers who have bore it upon themselves to transform education to promote their world forward. In addition to the content based on a selection of teachers and trainers to measure, we invent and harness the latest technologies


The 1st destination for buying & selling motorcycles, Bicycles, Scooters, Gear & Maintenance Services. Also, arranging group rides and bike meets


Launder is an online laundry service that enables its customers to book a time for their laundry to be picked up and dropped off door to door. Launder offers affordable and high quality service with fixed prices and free delivery to improve the customer experience and accessibility. Launder's customers choose what suits their needs for each pick up and drop-off. After that, Launder picks-up the clothes, get them cleaned, and drop them off as early as the following day. The option will be given to the customers to pay by credit card in-app, or by cash at their doorstep.


نقوم بربطك بمرشد سياحي في مدن مختلفة من العالم وفق مسارات سياحية صممت خصيصاً لك
شركة منطاد لتقنية المعلومات هي شركة سعودية مقرها جدة وتخدم مناطق متعددة في المنطقة عبر فريق من المؤهلين وبشراكة متعددة من أجل إثراء رحلتك الساحية