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Saudi Industrial Plastic Products Factory

Saudi Industrial Plastic Products Factory (SIF) was established at the end of 2013, after a study that extended for three years. It is considered the first factory in the Middle East that concern about manufacturing the medical plastic-based consumables that are used for one time.

Since the factory is operating now in its full capacity to reach the best quality standards, beginning from the day one, the Company adhered to the standards of performance and the evaluation of the products through experts and prominent doctors as the product pass by many phases beginning from searching the needs until product testing and probation.

The Factory involves many administrations and facilities including market study department then the product designing and development department then the quality department passing to the product sterilization division.

The factory administration concentrates on the details of managing the building and production lines. Moreover, they are using BMS Systems for managing the building and production lines and sterilizing. In addition, they are operating in integrated security systems that provide safety for the employees and workers and guarantee the safety of the products.

Terra Eclat

Terra Eclat is a visionary luxury jewellery brand that draws inspiration from the beauty and wonder of the natural world and celebrates the majesty of the earth

We craft jewellery that possesses a seductive vitality, raw soul and rare beauty,

This is living jewellery. Bold and brave

We design in harmony with our carefully selected materials, to ensure that our product is nothing less than extraordinary


Hachid (founded in 2013) is a young high-tech spinoff of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology  KAUST 

Our key competence is reliable, robust and scalable crowd management. Our technology (patent pending) allows authorities and planners to count extremely dense crowds reliably and effortlessly. Our sensors can be used to monitor crowd flow through doors, and they can be deployed outdoors and in harsh climates 

By utilizing local processing on each sensor and wireless communication, our solution can scale to large sensor networks. Measuring exactly where needed, we can count the amount of people in controlled areas accurately and reliably 

Our founding team consists of four members, including two computer scientists, one electrical engineer and one civil engineer. Together, our team as a combined experience of 50 years in the fields of Visual Computing, Computer Vision, and Hajj Research

Baby Fitaihi

بيبي فتيحي هو أول اسم مجوهرات تجاري عربي بطابع عالمي مختص بتصميم مجوهرات الأطفال. يقدم بيبي فتيحي تصاميم مجوهرات عصريّة صُممت وصُنعت خصيصاً للمواليد والأطفال.

في عام 2005 قام الدكتور "محـمد أحمد حسن فتيحي" مؤسس ومدير عام "بيبي فتيحي" بافتتاح أول معرض "بيبي فتيحي" في مركز البساتين بمدينة جدة بعد دراسة مكثفة لسوق المجوهرات و قطاع هدايا الأطفال 

صُممت معارض بيبي فتيحي لتعكس صورة الاسم التجاري في جميع الجوانب: لطيفة، عصرية، فريدة من نوعها, مميزة, مختلفة، مرحة وملائمة للأطفال وعائلتهم

تم افتتاح متجر " بيبي فتيحي " الإلكتروني تلبيةً لرغبة عملائنا الكرام؛ ليكون عالمًا حالمًا نفتح منه بابًا مباشرًا على منازلهم لاختيار مجوهرات أطفالهم وهداياهم في متصفحٍ سهل ومشوّق, تم تصميمه بشكل مريح للتجوّل/ للتسوّق فيه. كما ونعلن عن استقبال طلبكم من المجوهرات في طرق شراء ودفع ميسرة, لتصلكم هداياكم في وقتٍ  قصير بداخل كيس وعلبة هدايا مميّزة يتناسب مع تصاميم المجوهرات المرحة والمميّزة  

The first shop for jewelry for babies and children in the Middle East. The shop, Baby Fitaihi, is owned by Mohammed Ahmed Fitaihi. 


Anoosh’s custom made Chocolates are made using only the finest ingredients from around the world including chocolate from Belgium, Switzerland and Lebanon. Filled with different types of Cashews, Wafers, Fruits, Toffee, Coffee, Nuts, Biscuit, Hazelnut, Almonds, Rice Crispy, Fruits, Dates and the list goes on. But that’s not all! We also started catering for different Chocolate cravers out there in our new merchandised chocolate boxes that contains nothing but pure chocolate ranging from Dark Chocolate to Milk Chocolate down to White Chocolate, with many more yet to come. Care is taken to ensure each batch of creams curls just right.

12 Cups

12 Cups was the first coffee provider in Saudi Arabia to allow customers to choose different coffee blends and brewing methods to find sweetness, aroma, acidity, flavor and body of their cup of coffee. We share our knowledge and expertise to educate our customers using the "One Cup at a Time" philosophy, which has already influenced many other local venues to adopt the concept,

We import and distribute many coffee equipment for home users as well as for commercial use. Among these names are Hario, Saint Anthony Industries, Handgrind, Frankgreen, Keepcup, Aeropress, Cafflano and others. We are also distributors of capital coffee equipment: Synesso, Breville and Ratio; we offers sales and after sales services, maintenance.

12 Cups also makes custom-designed coffee drip stations according to our customers’ style and taste. 12 Cups is keen on expanding its expertise to satisfy the local market. We are willing to offer a whole concept that serves the entire hospitality industry and culture, coffee in particular, by starting to recruit and retain highly talented coffee tasters, roasters, and baristas; and partnering with international and local entrepreneurs.

The Stationery

We are a brick and mortar shop + online store based in the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with the vision to be the GCC* hub where all design fanatics and paper addicts gather and chant stationery songs. *we just love stationery so much* Created by the minds behind House of the 8th—a multidisciplinary design house— Aaliah Al-Aali is the creative director, product mixer and quality control along with her partner-in-crime Abdulkareem Alalami, the ex-aerospace engineer and the better business negotiator between the two. The Station[e]ry is simply a play store for adults to get their unique, high quality paper goods & office needs.


ZEEZ is a children content production house specialized in creating positively entertaining & edutaining engaging content for children

Golden Scent

GoldenScent.com is Saudi Arabia's No.1 online destination for genuine fragrances and beauty products. Since its foundation in 2014, the website has grown rapidly to one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular online shopping destinations delivering quality service for premium products. Every month many thousand customers receive a GoldenScent-Box at their doorsteps. Our box is one of the safest, strongest and environmentally friendly packaging of all ecommerce retailer in the Middle East. With offices in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan, we are constantly looking for great and talented people with entrepreneurial spirit to join our team. If you are passionate about beauty, you like innovation and putting your ideas into reality, then join us in shaping the next big thing.

Hadiya Registry

The idea of Hadiya Registry came to life soon after baby Maya was born. Maya’s mother, Moudi Alghashyan, the founder of Hadiya Registry, wanted to create a gift registry to prepare for her own baby’s delivery.

She searched for the available registry options in Jeddah, and she found a few shops that had an old fashioned paper-based registry system. It was very lousy and impractical.In one store where she registered, they lost the paper with the registry list. In another store, the salesman’s handwriting was so bad that her friends has to guess the names of the items which were written. And in a third store, they threw away the list because they “assumed” she had already given birth, while she wasn't even 8 months pregnant.

After Maya was delivered safely on the 30th of December, 2015, a large number of friends and family shared their love and support by visiting them at the hospital, and each person had a gift with them, it was all so kind and heartfelt.However, when the time came to check-out of the hospital and go home with a crying newborn, it was a nightmare. Having to deal with the ridiculous amount of gifts and transporting them to the the house took too much time, effort, and barely fit 4 different cars.

When she got home, and after resting for a few days and getting accustomed to this whole new world with a baby, she started unwrapping the gifts. That’s when another problem appeared. Lots and lots of duplicate gifts! 20 duplicate earrings, 3 identical baby chairs, and a ridiculous number of baby swings!

At that point, Moudi realised what a problem it is and started asking friends and family whether they have been through the same thing. Interesting enough, everyone said a resounding “YES!”. That’s when she realised, alright! This is a business opportunity! In May 2017, Moudi signed up her first client, Little Z Boutique. And, you know the rest!