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HyperPay was first established under the name Gate2Play, which was the first one-stop-shop for online merchants in the Middle East, the company acted as a facilitator for online merchants as they sought to localize their services and operated a specialized professional support centre for online services as well.

With vast knowledge and experience in the online payments and services industry, a new payment gateway was born to provide a range of payment processing services. HyperPay has become the fastest growing online payment service provider in the MENA region, helping businesses sell both online and offline, we currently process payments for more than 400 accounts, we are headquartered in Amman, with offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dubai 


منصة الكترونية للربط بين بائعي قطع غيار السيارات والمشترين جنبا الى جنب مع خدمة تقديم تسعيرة لقطع غيار السيارات يدير الشركة مجموعه من الشباب السعودي الطموح والذي يسعى لإيصال الشركة لمراحل تفوق التوقعات المنتظرة. تتخذ الشركة من مدينة جدة مقرا لها وتسعى لان تتوسع لتشمل خدماتها دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي. تتميز الشركة بخدمة توفير قطع غيار السيارات مع شحنها إلى أكثر من 352 مدينة وقرية في السعودية ودول الخليج عبر شركات البريد السريع المتعاقد معها إضافة إلى ذلك تملك الشركة عدة اتفاقيات وكالات السيارات والتي جعلت من شركة ورشة بلس منصة لتوفير أكثر من 11 علامة تجارية للسيارات.


"They improved, developed and designed more than 30 smart products and also provided training to more than 5,000 participants Kingdom wide, tackling niche and untapped markets in prototyping development with their creative solutions. ElectroAim got attention from many of decision makers in the Kingdom such as Saudi Ministry of Commerce and started to scale up and expand regionally by getting investment from them. ElectroAim is a very creative and promising startup that we expect to add a value not only to the Kingdom but to the Middle East as a whole." - Aramco Entrepreneurship 


Waki reservations is a place where sport fans can reserve and share their reservations with friends and other players. Waki reservations is a place where sport fans can reserve and share

Our story when we decided to start Waki is long, let’s make the long story short, Osama and Ali started making a good use of their free time designing and implementing a simple reservation platform for KFUPM campus using PHP and some other scripting languages. After a awhile what we call it “ Waki initial point “ has started ! a simple and elegant reservation system for internal courts at KFUPM. The number of users and operations that site had were absolutely great and exceed all the expectations. Then, Abdulaziz met Osama and Ali telling them more about an idea to take the system to next level and the named it “ Waki “ which is derived from the famous english work “ OK “. Days passed, and later that year KFUPM announced a business plan competition organized by “ KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute “, of which the winner will get the chance to be incubated at AMC “ Aramco Entrepreneurship Center “. You may have guessed who was the winner. Yes it was Waki and here we are


SecuTronic offers state of the art security solutions from leading manufacturers in the world. Our approach is to work closely with the customer and propose a solution matching to its requirements

In today’s world where there are a lot of options available in security market and integrated systems are on demand, you can take advantage of SecuTronic’s Security & Safety Consultants. Our consultants work closely with the customers, analyze their requirement and then propose the most feasible solution for their environment


Waseel's mission is to establish Internet based connectivity, information services, and B2B e-commerce capabilities for the healthcare insurance market with dedication to continuous development, expansion and quality services by maintaining a super-mega database managed by talented professionals.

Eye 2 Eye Optics

The concept is Eyewear Boutiques, which is stores that are very different in design, prodcuts, and services. Its slogan is "change Your Look." therefore, customers are motivated by the "Optical Stylists" to try or add a new look. Their philosophy is that eyesore is like cloths, you change your cloth according to the occasion. Eyewear is the same. There's the "Business Look," "Causal Look, "fun Look," and "Elegant look'

Deera Cafe

With its emphasis on a refreshing modern approach to the most cherished elements of  the past, Deera café will deliver an unforgettable coffee experience that leaves it’s customers feeling satisfied in so many ways. Since hospitality and respect for the guest will be reflected in Deera café. A unique concept will revolve around the traditional Arabic coffee, tea, traditional sweets and snacks dates, are all complimentary features of this already grandeur narration of time. The Deera café concept will come to represent all the aspects of where and when traditional Arabic coffee is drunk, its history and its values.The Deera experience will provide its customers with an elusive mixture: the familiar comforts of home within the excitement of a new environment, underlined by discrete and efficient service. Attention to providing a setting inspired by its environment ( local selection of furniture, decorative items, scents and flavors) and service that is casual and friendly yet extremely knowledgeable and supporyive . In allaspects, the focus is on providing the right balance between familiar comfort and pleasant surprise


Talah specializes in the traditional Arabian hospitality of dates, complementary sweets, drinks, and Arabian coffee made from the finest coffee beans and cardamom. Talah is distinctive in its selection of the finest ingredients, its clever blending of flavours and its unmatched variety of products. Here at Talah we work extremely hard to offer you the essence of tradition with a modern twist

 Because Talah acknowledges your unique taste, it offers you something special. It grants you a large variety of carefully wrapped and decorated dishes, baskets, box and luxury gift-sets to suit your every need. Occasions are never complete without Talah, so why not try our infamous edible palm tree. It will surely impress your guests and offer a unique talking point

 Talah cares about you and your family’s health. Through what was proven by Sunnah and modern science as useful to the human body, Talah focuses on providing you with all that is healthy and beneficial. Talah applies the highest standards of quality and hygiene, and uses 100% natural ingredients guaranteed for your piece of mind


Banafsajeel is a social enterprise and curating platform dedicated to fostering appreciation for art and design in the Gulf. The organisation develops creative collaborations for select artists and designers, hence its name which translates from the Arabic phraseبنَفَس جيل” or “in the spirit of a generation”. Started in 2014, Banafsajeel researches, develops and runs programs and learning experiences that facilitate dialogue and build a creative movement with social value.

Working around a different theme each year, Banafsajeel celebrates excellence in art and design by curating an annual group exhibition in partnership with leading art institutions and creative organisations in the Gulf. Last year’s theme Flow  kicked off with an interactive installation in Dubai in January 2016,  and culminated in a contemporary art exhibition in Jeddah in February 2017. Banafsajeel’s theme for 2017-2018 is Leap.

Based between the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Banafsajeel also offers private consulting services within the creative industries and cultural sector. Clients and collectors are considered on a case-by-case basis. To commission a project, please get in touch.