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6-49 employees or SAR 3-40 millions in revenue 

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HalaYalla is a FREE event and activity booking application that allows you to easily book, attend, organize or create sports, entertainment and leisure events and activities throughout Saudi Arabia! HalaYalla uses your phone’s internet connection and location services to let you engage in an array of sports hobbies and active lifestyle events taking place around you


Sawatruck is a peer-to-peer platform which connects carriers and customers for short or long-haul freights in the most affordable, practical and sustainable way, ie we brought Uber like to Freight transportations . We connect people (individuals, companies, manufacturers…) who need to ship their freights with truckers or companies with available room in their trucks or who are making the return trip with their trucks empty. We offer a totally innovative idea in transportation, helping customer to ship his freight effectively, finding the best price, selecting the offer that best suits his transportation needs, and monitoring the load at all times. At the same time, we help truckers to increase their loaded miles, finding load for their return trip and getting the most out of their trucks, as well as contributing preserve the environment reducing the CO2 emissions


We wanted to make life easy and that is the driving force behind Delivus. The idea of Delivus was born when one of our cofounders ordered some goods on the social media and found it to be a great convenience and get addicted to it. Over time, he felt that with improved and organized delivery services this sector could do wonders. He explored the idea further with some of the business owners and all of them agreed with his assessment. Sensing the need and desire we got down to translate the idea from drawing board to reality and that’s when we realized the enormity of the task and its great potential. Afterwards, there was no going back and the result is in front of you


As’hal KSA website for online shopping registered at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is a specialized site for retail sale on the Internet, and covers all regions of the Kingdom and GCC country, we seek to be a flagship store in the area of retailing on the Internet in GCC Country, and our goal is to offer our customers the best products with the best service at the best price, and at the same while providing a high level of customer service they deserve.
As we help the shopper to focus and choose products that suit them without interference by the products they does not want them.


Autotash is on a mission to organize the unorganized Spare Parts Industry in KSA! The days where people have a hard time getting spare parts quotations, or spend hours to reach the industrial areas in order to ask for spare parts prices are gone! Imagine that you can visit more than one industrial area in minutes, imagine that you can get different parts from multiple suppliers in different locations all delivered within hours. Autotash's team have decided to make this a reality! Autotash helps individuals and corporates cut down their costs, explore their options and save time by using our service with a guaranteed fulfillment and delivery 

Oun App

Oun Mobile App connects you to with individuals and companies who are ready to Transport/ship your personal items anytime and anywhere between the cities/villages in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. Customers will get the best offers/time to choose after submitting their request with details. Service Providers can register easily to earn money by transporting for our Customers.

Dar Sejaf

دار سجاف قصة شغف بدأت بتصاميم متفردة لملابس السفر والحجاب
وتطورت ونمت مع الأيام وخلال سنوات من العمل الدؤوب الذي بدأناه عام 2009
لتصبح هوية لكل ما هو جديد ومميز في عالم الموضة والفاشن
تعلقنا بالتفاصيل وصببنا اهتمامنا بكل ما يميز السيدة والفتاة العربية والخليجية شعار نفتخر به في دارنا 
انتهى عهد اللهث خلف الأسماء العالمية والماركات الأجنبية وأصبح شغف العالم الآن التميز والانفراد بالتصاميم المختلفة


Mezmiz is a curated online market offering local and international products of the highest quality. We strive to offer our customers heavily discounted prices by partnering directly with manufacturers and cutting out the middle men. We are passionate about empowering small and medium sized businesses by offering their products on our platform and making them more accessible to customers nationwide 


QUANTUM SOLUTIONS is a nanotech startup company founded at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). We are a developer and large scale manufacturer of quantum dots and metallic nanoparticles for optoelectronic applications: for displays, LEDs, solar cells and photodetectors


Juleb is a platform that connects end-users with pharmacies. A very user friendly mobile application that you can order through and your order will be delivered to your doorstep. You can browse through the hundreds of products available in different categories such as Vitamins, Personal Care, Beauty Products, and Mom&Baby. Highest standards are used to assure product handling safety.