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From 1-5 employess or less than SAR 3 millions in revenue


50 t0 249 employees or SAR 40-200 millions in revenue 


6-49 employees or SAR 3-40 millions in revenue 

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Entreprises with an average growth rate of more than 5%
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Online Grocery Shopping & Delivery


An entire KSA Business listing in your finger Tip. Discover what’s around you like never before. Find Rent-A-Car, get the cheapest price on Hotels & Furnished Apartments or see all the best deals at the touch of a button with apps from Daleeli Local Serach Mobile App.


Crafts and Hobbies Store


Sihatech empowers patients to find the best doctor according to their needs. Book a direct appointment with an experienced and trusted doctor from over 100 different medical specialties and sub specialities

Sihatech allows you to browse through our up-to-date database of doctors, clinics and hospitals

You can choose the doctor that is closest to you. Or a doctor that is a specific gender or speaks a similar language. You can also learn more about the experience and medical degrees of the doctor before booking a direct appointment. You can also see if that particular doctor, clinic or hospital accepts your insurance

No insurance, no problem as all doctors also accepted cash payments. And don't worry, the Sihatech booking service is completely free and all appointments are verified by our Sihatech Call Center

Sihatech will always be free for patients so Book Your Appointment Now


We want to help retailers and business owners throughout the Kingdom make the leap into the 21st Century by bringing the online marketplace to them. Through our technical, marketing and supportive know-how, we provide companies – large and small – with the expertise needed to make the leap, establish their own online presence, and grow their revenue

We also focus on building lasting relationships with our registered members. Our expert team will design high quality product pages, offer page management advice and provide full tech support, making sure you keep your online store open and running 24 hours a day

It’s an exciting time to be a business owner in Saudi Arabia, and we believe you should be part of the ecommerce resolution. With Dillony, you can

Ajwa Dates

Due to the desire of many in the world to buy passes Ajwa Having tasted the taste or heard about from the statement released from the credit and interest, was the launch of the first electronic store that specializes only in selling the finest # Tmr_ajuh grown in Medina (high area) to Thakqiq their desire to get him in quick time and request electronically to pass untouched through Ajwa shipping wherever they are and at the lowest prices.
No need to shop consuming and wasting your time in the market to look for the best types of dates; with the shop undergoing Ajwa shopping from your home and get the best pass Ajwa Medina wherever you are.


FlyAkeed is the only app that enables you to browse fully-booked flights and join waitlists to issue your ticket once seats become available. In addition, you can browse and book available flights on all major international airlines.

Fix Infinity

مؤسسة رائدة في مجال صيانة الجوالات تأسست في عام 2014 ، تعتبر كأول مؤسسة سعودية في المنطقة الغربية بجدة تقدم خدمة الصيانه بطريقه عصرية عن طريق خدمة التوصيل التي تخدم وتناسب عملائها من حيث الجهد وتوفير الوقت ، و تعتبر كأول مؤسسة تضم فريق عمل مكون من مهندسات وفنيات سعوديات فقط يقومن بصيانة واصلاح اعطال الجوالات ، تسعى المؤسسة لمواكبة رؤية المملكة العربية السعودية 2030 في قطاع الاتصالات.


متجر كاشيرات هو موقع للتسوق الالكتروني يهدف أن يكون حلقة الوصل لتوفير مختلف منتجات نقاط البيع في الشرق الأوسط . يقوم كاشيرات بشكل أساسي على توصيل العملاء بأفضل المنتجات وأجودها وتحصيل الوكالة من الشركات لخصومات أقوى ولضمان أفضل العروض. نحن نؤمن بأن التسوق الالكتروني يمكن أن يكون تجربة شخصية وفريدة من نوعها كما لو كنت في متجر فعلي


What is Dolaby 

Dolaby is a story : on the item’s journey for one closet to another, there are stories have to be lived and told 

Dolaby culture : against abandonment, with sharing and exchange 

Dolaby is communication : a modern platform gathering easily the seller and buyer for a fair benefit for both of them 

Dolaby economy : the buyer gets what he\she wants, and the seller gets a financial reward