إبرام هو مركز ريادي للأعمال في المدينة المنورة ويعد الوجهة الأولى لأصحاب المشاريع والمبادرات.
يقدم أفضل مساحات العمل المهيأة بكافة احتياجات رواد الأعمال، والمصممة بطريقة حديثة لتكون واجهة مميزة لهم.
يعمل إبرام على تحقيق الوصول الذكي للنجاح عبر شبكات من العلاقات في كل الجهات واستمر في تحقيق النجاح للأعمال والمشاريع بطريقة مستدامة تسهل الوصول للأهداف والطموحات المرجوة لأصحابها.

Jovia for Co-working spaces

Jovia is the first coworking platform in a modern and attractive environment located in Alkhobar. We in Jovia have faith in young people who are the icon of success, growth, and bright future. Thus we provide our services for the most demanding sector “Small and Medium Enterprises”. We created our space to entrepreneurs and freelancers to bring happiness and joy to their daily basis work. We offer to our clients and members a space to expand their influence and overcome the struggle of expanding their names, businesses, and network by having their own dedicate or private offices, printing facility, fully-equipped kitchen, gaming room, and relaxing area.


PLEXUS offers an energetic, collaborative and vibrant atmosphere in our office! Our shared area consists of 18 modern oakwood desks, separated by desktop partitions for extra privacy. Our co-working space is perfect for entrepreneurs, creatives and anyone else who want a desk, whether for a couple of hours a day, or full-time PLEXUS is located in one of the most prestigious commercial addresses in the Kingdom: Emaar Square. Here you will find us in a modern and spacious building, brimming with entrepreneurial spirit. We offer a number of different office solutions and services, tailored to your needs.