Saudi Incubators

المساهمة في تطوير منظومة ريادة الأعمال في المملكة من خلال بناء مرجعية موثوقة وشبكة ذات قيمة مضافة تستقطب وتدعم وتربط حاضنات ومسرعات الأعمال ومساحات العمل المشتركة المحلية والإقليمية والدولية، والمهتمين في هذا المجال تحت مظلة الهيئة العامة للمنشآت الصغيرة والمتوسطة.

The Centennial Fund

The Centennial Fund is considered an institutional work pursuant of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom ambitions and aspiration to support the youth to start their small and medium-sized projects ,and to be the supporting front for entrepreneurs and pioneers amidst the new economic trends that encourages business initiatives of small investors .p>

The idea for creating the Centennial Fund first emerged at a time when there was scarceness of programs supporting youth project to decrease the unemployment and develop the local economy . And since then , a specialized committee started studying the idea through looking into projects supporting the youth in other countries . The Youth Business International ( YBI), a program based in the united kingdom that has proved successful after its application in almost 40 countries , was chosen by the committee .

Eijad Business Incubator

Eijad Business Incubator provides:
Business support in Marketing, Business Development and other fields.
Affordable offices paces
Meeting Rooms 
Coffee Shop

There are three membership tiers:
Shared Office Access
Daily Access Card
Privileged Access 

Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority

Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority is working on reviewing regulations, removing barriers and facilitating access to finance. Moreover, helping young people and innovators in marketing their ideas and products. At the same time, we will seek to establish more business incubators, training institutions and specialized venture capital funds to help entrepreneurs develop their skills and innovations. We will also help small national enterprises to export their products and services and marketing through e-marketing support and coordination with relevant international bodies.

Business Incubator & Accelerator Company BIAC

Established in 2016, BIAC is a subsidiary of the Saudi development and technical investment company (TAQNIA) which was established by royal decree No. M\47 on 20/7/1432H. The Business Incubators and accelerators company “BIAC” focuses on setup, operation, maintenance and management of business incubators and accelerators as well as entrepreneurship support platforms, innovation programs and technology transfer. BIAC provides project management services, specialized consultations and training services to enhance human resource capabilities. BIAC seeks to contribute to the growth and development of the innovation and entrepreneurship environment and to support emerging technology companies, in line with the vision of the Kingdom 2030 and its objectives which include supporting entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises and increasing their contribution to GDP.

King Salman Youth Center

KSYC is a non-profit organization founded to support and inspire the youth to build professional leaders and successful entrepreneurs. In addition to establish a platform to connect youth with officials and organizations

Nine Tenths - Startups Accelerator

The 9/10ths Startup Accelerator offers a full-fledged startup support program that helps entrepreneurs launch their ideas through:

  • Mentoring & hands-on support. 
  • Providing a co-working space.
  • Building an initial prototype, and in some cases the actual product.
  • Gaining access to the investment ecosystem.
  • Preparing entrepreneurs for the reality of the market; increasing their rate of success as a whole