Maarefah is the leading provider of corporate training and development programs in the Middle East. We provide a comprehensive range of skill-focused professional training programs to suit the needs of organizations of all sizes and varieties, from small private businesses to national public sector institutions. Whether you are looking for an intensive leadership master class, want to redevelop your HR strategy, or need a specialized engineering program delivered by industry experts, our bespoke corporate training programs are designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and professional certification you need to shine in a competitive marketplace.


Olou’s efforts are focused on professional capacity building for individuals, enriching it by providing management and advisory services that empowers the execution of leadership programs that enable individuals developing their organizations and societies, following a wealth of experience in local and international organization. Olou works on developing and employing programs and personal impact tools like mentorship and coaching while creatively merging between social work and business values (Olou is an extension of MentorsKSA, one of the leading Mentorship initiatives in the region).

Bakkah Inc.

Human Resources and Organization Development Consulting Methodology

Our methodology provides the structure for efficient engagements with consistent outcomes while allowing for the flexibility needed to accommodate each individual client’s situation and preferred approach

The Human Resources and Organization Development Advisory Services team provides comprehensive consultation along with customized products, services, and results-based solutions to assist clients achieve success

Based on a strategy-driven approach and building further on the principles of the learning organization, we support you in your growth to an even more effective organization