RQMNH is a company specialises on internet and e-Commerce investment. Established to fill the gap on the filed of web and e-Commerce industries and aspiring to lead it to an advance level in Saudi Arabia and Arab’s countries. Rqmnh started and engaged on investing, acquisition, managing e-Commerce shops and support its customers to improve their operations and sales.

iMaxem Information Systems LLC

iMaxem is a company specializes in innovations and technologies. iMaxem uses technologies to define a new dimension in IT World, by providing simple, un-usual, un-predicted & creative ideas to improve customer’s business & transfer the business to new level with new paradigms for the TECHNOLOGY.

iMaxem Products are:
1- Restaurant Management Solutions
2- Laboratory Testing Solutions
3- Marin Management Solutions
4- E-Commerce Solutions and Apps
5- ERP
6- Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
7- Real Estate Solutions
8- Any required custom Solutions