We are a Saudi tech-startup which launched in 2019 to create technology solutions to boost the recruitment process in the retail, hospitality, and entertainment industry.


اهلا بك في منصة اشراق, نسعى في اشراق الى مساعدة الراغبين في العمل بدوام جزئي, مؤقت او عن بعد في الحصول على الفرصة المناسبة وانتهاز الفرصة في الدخول لسوق العمل في جميع القطاعات وخصوصا قطاعي التجزئة والخدمات


Serviis is the largest marketplace for local services, and there's more, It's your new way to realize all your day to day projects, from home related projects (as plumbing, painting, cleaning etc) to personal projects (wedding planning, fitness, photography etc), to events or business related projects. By using serviis you will be contacted by the best valued professionals around you and they will be ready to help you realize whatever you need or plan to do. We are a passionate, young and tirelessy team that is working hard to have a great impact on people's life, improving the quality and the access to the wider range of services available on the internet