The inception of NQOODLET was when our founders faced the same issue that every small and medium sized companies face, the difficulty in managing expenses and issuing prepaid company cards! That took us on a search to brainstorm till we reached inspiring results in seeding solutions and growing them to the fruit of innovation that is NQOODLET. Get an instant prepaid card for all employees , executives and managers, with easy management through our simplified operations and accounts, helping you make and track every payment, one at a time


PayTabs is a convenient and secure online B2B payment solution provider that enables businesses to receive payments online through our agile technology suited for the current market

PayTabs caters to growing small and medium enterprises, large corporations and the e-commerce market by empowering them with a range of comprehensive payment solutions. With PayTabs, you can make or receive online payments, create and send online invoices, use API plugins to integrate with your website and even create an online store. PayTabs’ innovative and intuitive services open an opportunity of new possibilities to conduct and grow your business across markets on a local and global scale

PayTabs’ services have been customized and designed specifically to provide secure and flexible solutions to small and medium enterprises, and large corporations to help them grow their revenue streams sustainably. Our unique technology and exclusive partnerships with fraud prevention systems make us a specialist in the field of electronic payments. Our cutting-edge security management layers are certified by Visa and MasterCard