Shgardi is an application that connects the agents to the clients. Through Shgardi Application, the clients can order from any store or restaurant, to be delivered by the agent of Shgardi as soon as possible and with the best service and rate. We are distinguished in Shgardi by our competitive prices comparing to the market. We are not currently deducting any commission rates on the agents, and the full value of the delivery is fully paid to the agents of Shgardi. This put us in the position of the best delivery price among the delivery apps in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Shgardi app is currently working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In Shgardi, we have provided instant chat feature with the customer care center. We have also a 24-hour dedicated client support team. 
Shgardi.. Your best choice for delivery.


MoyaApp is mobile application which include all water factories and distributor in one place, where customers can order any products and deliver at any places and any time.


TmmmT app .. Instant e-delivery app that allow you to order whatever you want and get it instantly from nearby Restaurants and stores

10 SR Fixed price for delivery


Swyft is an on-demand delivery application that takes care of errands and automatically gives you more time in your day by taking care of all your shopping needs. It instantly connects you to one of our reliable drivers. Using the app, you can select your product and input where to pick it up from. Our driver will then head out into city traffic for you, buy your item, and conveniently deliver it to your doorstep.


MRSOOL is the new experience in transporting goods. Want anything from any store? MRSOOL will deliver it to your door. 
We have gathered all the stores, if you need anything from any store, post your order, and one of our couriers will respond to you. Why suffer traffic and waste time?!
Not just that! Join us now if you want to earn money


Online Grocery Shopping & Delivery


AyMakan has an impressive national infrastructure built by working with only the best in the transportation and logistics business. Our focus is on door-to-door logistics service, so we not only pick up from and deliver to large metropolitan and secondary markets, but also locations considered as beyond points.

AyMakan has one of the best logistics and transportation network in the industry, providing our customers with ways to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and optimize load capacity. Our network is dedicated, responsible, and always provides the highest level of transportation services with proactive and effective communication.


Jahez is platform that helps you find and order food from wherever you are. Install the mobile application, type in an address, we list the restaurants that deliver to that location, other users ratings. Base on your choice, we will deliver your food with our state of the art delivery system, you can track your meal as needed, and you will be notified once the driver is close to you.

Wasel Lee

 تطبيق وصل لي : خدمة وصل لي السريعة ما  هي منصة إلكترونية تفاعلية تقدم الدعم اللوجستي و الخدمات والمنتجات والمعلومات والأيدي العاملة وأصحاب الحرف والمبدعين والأسر المنتجة والتموين و العقارات والخدمات الخاصة و العامة والمستلزمات اليومية والطبية والحجوزات والتنسيق والتثقيف السياحي الداخلي والتسويق والإعلان وخدمات البضائع والشحن والموارد الاخرى لمستخدمي هذا التطبيق في المملكة العربية السعودية والعديد من المزايا الرائعة التي تخدم وتلبي جميع احتياجات العملاء في اسرع وقت على مدار 24 ساعة بضغطة زر و المواكبة لرؤية (2030) . هدفنا : هو توفير الوقت والجهد للعميل والسرعة في تنفيذ و انجاز وتقديم خدمة جديدة ومميزة تفوق توقعات العملاء. رؤيتنا : ان نكون المنشاة الرائدة عالميا في تقديم افضل الخدمات الالكترونية الجديدة و المتطورة بجودة ودقة عالية


It is an online platform to book furniture transport service providers in KSA. Simply, customers create an order (free of charge) to get quotes from a large number of verified furniture transport service providers all over KSA. The customer receives multiple quotes from hundreds of feedback-rated furniture transport service providers through a bidding system. Customers get to check the profile of each bidder and see previous customers reviews and feedback before accepting any quotes. VANOMAN aims to increase the profitability of furniture transport service providers in addition to saving customers up to 50% as service providers compete against each other to be the winning bidder and do the job




With Smart Washr you can have multiple batches of laundry getting washed at multiple locations at different times. Well even tell you when its time to deliver so you can reschedule if your not home 


And the beauty is you can automate it that you have multiple schedules running for your laundry for your different locations, and you don't even have to be home to pay 


Choose a location

Using the most advanced web technologies, we make it easy to find your location. You no longer need to bother with giving directions. Your favourite food will come to your door step on time, evert time!

Find exactly what you crave

OrderMe automatically filters the items available for the chosen location. We will hand pick the food you like that’s available near you.

Enjoy. Repeatedly.

We make it easy for you to reorder for yourself, family, friends and co-workers. We learn your taste and help you get the most out of every meal.

Nana Direct

Nana Direct is the first online shopping and delivery to houses service in KSA. We are working cover all the Kingdom. Expanding coverage areas require more time and effort to ensure the highest quality level of provided service. You can browse all supported locations and add your mobile number to be notified every time we expand into new areas


Sawatruck is a peer-to-peer platform which connects carriers and customers for short or long-haul freights in the most affordable, practical and sustainable way, ie we brought Uber like to Freight transportations . We connect people (individuals, companies, manufacturers…) who need to ship their freights with truckers or companies with available room in their trucks or who are making the return trip with their trucks empty. We offer a totally innovative idea in transportation, helping customer to ship his freight effectively, finding the best price, selecting the offer that best suits his transportation needs, and monitoring the load at all times. At the same time, we help truckers to increase their loaded miles, finding load for their return trip and getting the most out of their trucks, as well as contributing preserve the environment reducing the CO2 emissions is Fastest growing online food and grocery store. More than 8,000 products and over a 500 brands available in our catalogue you will find everything you are looking for. Right from fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Bakery, Meat & Fishes, Rice, Health & Beauty, Home Care, Baby items, Personal care products, Electronics, all you can find at

Choose from a wide range of options in every category, exclusively hand picked by your personal shopper to help you find the best quality available at the lowest prices. Select a time slot for delivery and your order will be delivered right to your doorstep. You can place order 24/7 and your groceries will be delivered right during selected delivery slot. provides multiple payment option by credit card or even you can pay upon delivery

Careeb assure on time delivery


We wanted to make life easy and that is the driving force behind Delivus. The idea of Delivus was born when one of our cofounders ordered some goods on the social media and found it to be a great convenience and get addicted to it. Over time, he felt that with improved and organized delivery services this sector could do wonders. He explored the idea further with some of the business owners and all of them agreed with his assessment. Sensing the need and desire we got down to translate the idea from drawing board to reality and that’s when we realized the enormity of the task and its great potential. Afterwards, there was no going back and the result is in front of you

Oun App

Oun Mobile App connects you to with individuals and companies who are ready to Transport/ship your personal items anytime and anywhere between the cities/villages in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. Customers will get the best offers/time to choose after submitting their request with details. Service Providers can register easily to earn money by transporting for our Customers.


Ngwah NOW delivers your food from only best restaurants to your location anywhere in Riyadh, and at any time. You can make multiple orders at once, no minimum charge, track your order on the map, and a very intelligence menu powered by AI


"Mishwari" is a platform where it aims to link drivers with customers looking for rides and delivery services through Mobile application within and across cities in the Kingdom. "Mishwari" is a platform built on the concept of sharing economy, and aims to provide additional income for individuals, SME and corporates. Also, “Mishwari” aims to support e-commerce by providing fast delivery service as well as increase the performance of the logistics companies by saving the time and trouble of searching for delivery services at the right price. "Mishwari" is considered as Saudi project based on the real sharing economy in the field of transportation, delivery, and logistic services.


Tawseel is a Technology Solution that Connects the Closest Freelance Drivers with Businesses and Consumers to Provide a Fast & Reliable Delivery. The Technology Includes Real-Time Tracking & Many Features that Assist in the Reliability of the Service. We Provide Mobile Apps for Consumers and Drivers as well as API & Portal for Businesses. We Are at Growth Stage and Have Expanded to 10 Saudi Cities