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50 t0 249 employees or SAR 40-200 millions in revenue 


6-49 employees or SAR 3-40 millions in revenue 

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Deera Cafe

With its emphasis on a refreshing modern approach to the most cherished elements of  the past, Deera café will deliver an unforgettable coffee experience that leaves it’s customers feeling satisfied in so many ways. Since hospitality and respect for the guest will be reflected in Deera café. A unique concept will revolve around the traditional Arabic coffee, tea, traditional sweets and snacks dates, are all complimentary features of this already grandeur narration of time. The Deera café concept will come to represent all the aspects of where and when traditional Arabic coffee is drunk, its history and its values.The Deera experience will provide its customers with an elusive mixture: the familiar comforts of home within the excitement of a new environment, underlined by discrete and efficient service. Attention to providing a setting inspired by its environment ( local selection of furniture, decorative items, scents and flavors) and service that is casual and friendly yet extremely knowledgeable and supporyive . In allaspects, the focus is on providing the right balance between familiar comfort and pleasant surprise

Terra Eclat

Terra Eclat is a visionary luxury jewellery brand that draws inspiration from the beauty and wonder of the natural world and celebrates the majesty of the earth

We craft jewellery that possesses a seductive vitality, raw soul and rare beauty,

This is living jewellery. Bold and brave

We design in harmony with our carefully selected materials, to ensure that our product is nothing less than extraordinary


Hachid (founded in 2013) is a young high-tech spinoff of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology  KAUST 

Our key competence is reliable, robust and scalable crowd management. Our technology (patent pending) allows authorities and planners to count extremely dense crowds reliably and effortlessly. Our sensors can be used to monitor crowd flow through doors, and they can be deployed outdoors and in harsh climates 

By utilizing local processing on each sensor and wireless communication, our solution can scale to large sensor networks. Measuring exactly where needed, we can count the amount of people in controlled areas accurately and reliably 

Our founding team consists of four members, including two computer scientists, one electrical engineer and one civil engineer. Together, our team as a combined experience of 50 years in the fields of Visual Computing, Computer Vision, and Hajj Research

Golden Scent

GoldenScent.com is Saudi Arabia's No.1 online destination for genuine fragrances and beauty products. Since its foundation in 2014, the website has grown rapidly to one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular online shopping destinations delivering quality service for premium products. Every month many thousand customers receive a GoldenScent-Box at their doorsteps. Our box is one of the safest, strongest and environmentally friendly packaging of all ecommerce retailer in the Middle East. With offices in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan, we are constantly looking for great and talented people with entrepreneurial spirit to join our team. If you are passionate about beauty, you like innovation and putting your ideas into reality, then join us in shaping the next big thing.


We at Aljawad believe in the significant role of the moving and logistics sector, which goes in alignment with the Saudi vision 2030. 

Furthermore, we committed to offering our distinguished services, from which we achieve our strategic goals and objectives, which were set in an effort to reach optimum professionalism in our sector.  


Qaym is an Arabic-language review site specialized at user-based reviews on restaurants, cafes, and bakeries around the world. It started as a review site mainly for restaurants in the Arabian region.The website runs a social networking, user review, and local search using the second generation of web Web 2.0. The website is aimed to deliver good restaurant reviews and easy access contents for Arab readers.

Qaym allows customers to add stores, branches, reviews, photos, and rate them based on their experiences. Qaym also allows business owners to add their pages, photos, and engage with their customers for a meaningful outstanding customers experience.


NaviBees is an innovative Saudi company, leading the field of Indoor Location-based Services in the MENA region. We provide a complete indoor location platform for the development of innovative and high value-added services inside buildings. Finding your way inside large building complexes such as shopping malls, airports, exhibition centers, universities, hospitals and office buildings can be a daunting challenge. With NaviBees advanced beacon technology and its application program on your smartphone, it is easy to find your way around. NaviBees allows facility managers to understand people’s movements and the ways in which buildings are being utilized, thereby helping to improve space-usage, perform location-based targeted marketing campaigns and get unique insights with advanced business analytics tools. Know more about Indoor Navigation and Indoor Navigation app


Online health platform that provides the best experts to help people change their lifestyle and reach their healthy goals by designing customised nutritional and workout plans based on credible resources. Also providing psychotherapists to achieve health wellness by simplest way to communicate with the consultants with contentious follow-ups


Sadeem is the world’s first multi-patented flood and traffic information system with active networks to save lives and money in realtime. We offer a novel early detection and monitoring flood system for urban areas and drainage systems. Our holistic solution consists in a combination of sensors network, mobile applications and visualization tools to face floods in a better way and mitigate its effects

Fatoor Faris

كنت ولأكثر من 30 عاماً لا أكترث لوجبة الإفطار، بل أكتفي بكوب من الشاهي أو القهوة إلى أن يحين وقت الغداء، لكن حياتي تغيرت بالكامل حين تعرضت لوعكة صحية أثرت على انتظام القلب خلال استعدادي للمشاركة في سباق الماراثون- حيث اكتشف طبيبي تجاهلي لتناول وجبة الفطور فغضب بشدة وصار يشرح لي خطورة إهمال هذه الوجبة. فاجئني انفعاله إذ لم أكن أعلم أن لها هذا الأثر البالغ على الصحة

بدأت بعدها رحلتي الجميلة مع الإفطار، فاكتشفت عالماً كبير جداً من المتعة كان غائباً عني، وتحولت من مجرد متناول للفطور إلى باحث مهتم بتفاصيله وفنياته، بل ولأنني من عشاق السفر فوصل بي الحال ألا أسافر لأي مكان في العالم حتى أقوم بعمل بحث عن أفضل الأماكن التي تقدم وجبة الإفطار وأشهر الأطباق التي تقدمها

كنت أتلذذ بتجربة كل أطباق الفطور وأقوم بتصويرها من زوايا مختلفة ثم أشارك هذه الصور مع أصـدقائي في فيسبوك وتويتر مما لاقى إعـجاب ومتابعة كـثيرين منهم، وتفـاجأت أن هـاشتاق #فطور_فارس الذي خصصته لمشاركة صوري قد صار يشارك فيه كثير من عشاق الإفطار غيري

هذا التفاعل أسعدني جداً وجعلني أتبنى نشر ثقافة الإفطار أكثر وأكثر، مما دفعني لإنشاء حساب مخصص لهذا الغرض f6or_faris@ أغرد فيه عن فوائد الفطور وأشارك فيه أفضل أماكنه وأصنافه

ويبدو أن شدة حماسي لنشر هذه الثقافة قد جعلت الأمر يبدو تجارياً بحتاً، حيث سألني أحد المتابعين في تويتر: أين يقع محل #فطور_فارس؟ ومع أنني حاولت تناسي الموضوع  وأخبرته أنه لا محل بهذا الاسم، إلا أن هذا السؤال تكرر بشكل كبير مما جعل الفكرة تختمر في رأسي، ولقد صادفت هوى في نفسي وعزفت على وتر حساس في قلبي، فقمت بعمل دراسة جدوى محترفة شاركتها مع العديد من الأقرباء والأصدقاء وكان الجميع يتحمس لمجرد فكرة تحويل الهاشتاق لمحل حقيقي ولكن حماسي أنا كان كبيراً لدرجة تستحيل على الوصف وها هو الحماس قد تجسَّد بتوفيق الله في ملتقى يجمع عشاق الأناقة: عشاق الفطور

قد لا تكون فكرة #فطور_فارس اختراعاً مبهراً، لكنها بدون شك قصة حلم تحول إلى أرض الواقع بمشاركة الآلاف من المتابعين الرائعين. إنني في #فطور_فارس أريد أن أقدم لكم في كل طبق روحاً مميزة تجعل الفطور وجبتكم المفضلة، وتجعل هذا المكان هو أفضل بداية ملهمة ليوم مليء بالإنجاز والابتسامة والحيوية، والمكان الأميز الذي تتوجهون إليه للاستمتاع بأطباق الفطور المختلفة في أي وقت من اليوم يناسب جدولكم